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Theme Park Essay

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Appendix 1

Case study: Shanghai Disney Resort
Joint ventured by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and the Shanghai Government, the Shanghai Disney Resort has been started since 2009. The entire project is divided into two phases. The first phase is scheduled to be completed in December 2014. It includes a Magic Kingdom-style park, Shanghai Disneyland Park, and two themed hotels. The two phases cover a total of 963 acres of land, more than three times the size of the Hongkong Disneyland. The budget of the project amounts to US$ 4.5 billion.

The Resort is built in a style similar to other Disney Resorts around the world. At the same time, special fascinations are designed to attract ...view middle of the document...

Project 1 – the Parks
This focuses on the promotion of the theme parks. A Magic Kingdom-style park and the Shanghai Disneyland Park will open at the same time.

Project 2 – the Hotels
The two hotels are approximately the same size, but differ slightly in style and room rates. To the maximum capacity, a total of 1,500 guests can be accommodated in the two hotels.

Project 3 – toys and souvenirs
To commemorate the opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort, various toys (e.g. fluffy characters) and souvenirs (e.g. stationery) will be brought to the market in the summer of 2014. At the present stage, further details are not available. Sourcing and negotiations with major toy manufacturers such as Mattel and Lego are still under way.

(The projects are fictitious. Background information of the Shanghai Disney Resort is based on information on the corporate website)

Choose ONLY ONE of the Projects to work on. Make assumptions where necessary.

1. Outline the anticipated consumer behaviour of the target market segment for the Project. Explain for your anticipation. (20 marks) 300 words

2. Formulate a marketing communications plan for the Project, with particular emphasis on the marketing communications mix. Critically evaluate the value of your suggestions. (40 marks) 600 words

3. Based on your marketing communications plan, formulate an advertising campaign. State clearly the advertising objective(s) and message(s), with supporting reasons. (40 marks) 600words

Word limit: about 1,500 words

Criteria for marking case study report

Mark range | Performance Criteria |
70%+ | An impressive piece of workA comprehensive and well-formulated analysis of the problem and presentation of relevant marketing communications concepts, including explicit applications of concepts to specific problems. Demonstrate a sophisticated conceptual understanding and some original, critical thinking. Content is relevant and well-organised.Excellent use of a wide range of Business English vocabulary and structure. Presentation is excellent. |
60-69% | A good to very good piece of work.A good to very good answer analysis of the problem and presentation of relevant advertising concepts. Demonstrates evidence of conceptual understanding and critical thinking. Arguments are well developed and supported by evidence.Good use of a wide range of Business English vocabulary and structure. Presentation is very good. |
50-59% | An average to reasonably good piece of work.The report demonstrates an understanding of the key marketing communications concepts, though these may not be fully developed or completely well-formulated. On the whole the content is relevant and well-organised. Use of a range of Business English vocabulary and structure. Presentation is good. |
44-49% | A fairly weak piece of work.The report demonstrates some understanding of key issues but the report does not provide sufficient evidence of detailed analysis of the...

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