Theme Of Death In "Before The End Of Summer"

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“Before the End of Summer”

Death is defined as the end of life and for Bennie, the main character of the story Before the End of Summer, it scared him. As Bennie learns of his grandmother’s imminent death he does not know how to handle it. At first he tries to run avoid his problem by running away but that does not get him anywhere. As Bennie begins to face his situation head on he starts going through a rite of passage and starts to transform from a little boy to a mature young man. As the story progresses, Bennie slowly starts to understand death and finally accepts the imminent death of his grandmother.
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Bennie learns of Miss May’s death. At the funeral, Bennie does not understand why everyone was crying. He thought that heaven was such a wonderful place and that everyone should be happy for Miss May. “It seemed that they should be glad for her, or did they cry for they were sad.” Bennie did not understand, he could not understand. When it was finally Bennie’s turn to look at the body, he was not as afraid as he thought he would be. After the funeral, Bennie notices how well his grandmother takes the death of her beloved friend. He feels proud of his grandmother. As the days past, Bennie’s grandmother has one of her spells. As she calls out his name, Bennie can only stand there in fear. Finally, he builds up the courage to run to his grandmother’s aid. He fetches her a glass of water and her pills. After taking off her shoes Bennie is told to leave his grandmother alone to sleep. Bennie’s only reaction is to stand there for he knows that his grandmother might not wake up. Bennie eventually leaves and takes a seat on a chair trying to fight back the tears. “He must not cry,” thinking to himself, “crying would not help him.” To his relief, his grandmother was okay, but for how long.
As summer grew to an end, Bennie had noticed how his grandmother was acting just fine. He felt like this summer was just like the one before it. It seemed to him as if he had never listened to the conversation between his grandmother and her doctor. The next day, while he was sitting under a tree, Bennie heard his grandmother cry out his name. Her cry was loud, not like the ones before it. Bennie described it as “like the cries people make when they get stung by a...

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