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Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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In the book, "Their Eyes Where Watching God", by Zora Neale Hurston, an American value that was seen throughout the book was freedom. The main character Janie was not allowed the freedom of choice. The other characters in the book took away her freedom, until she found someone that allowed her to be herself and be free.In chapter three, Janie and Logan Killicks got married in Nanny's parlor. Nanny, Janie's Grandmother, had taken care of her while she was growing up. Nanny had been making all of the decisions where Janie was concerned. Logan had arranged with Nanny to marry Janie without her consent. Nanny thinks Logan is a good man because of the sixty acres he has.Janie didn't love Logan and never wanted to marry him. Nanny and the old folks told her she would love Logan after they were married. Janie ...view middle of the document...

Joe took the floor instead. He told the crowd Janie didn't know anything about speech making and she is a woman and her place is at home. Janie couldn't say anything. She had not freedom with Joe as her husband.Joe was jealous of other men trying to steal his wife. Joe forced Janie to always wear a head rag to hide her beautiful hair. He also didn't want her to hang out with the others while they were playing checkers or while telling jokes. Janie was only allowed to attend the store. Janie was never allowed to do what she wanted to do. Janie felt like she had no freedom to choose to do the things she wanted to do.After Joe died Janie spent time with Pheoby, her bestfriend. They sat around the lakes and fished. Janie just wanted some freedom without the need for thought. Janie told Pheoby she wasn't worried about Joe's death, she just loved freedom. She finally could do the things she wanted to do.Janie then meets Tea Cake, also known as Vergible Woods, and falls in love with him. For the first time, Janie marries a poor man with no money or property. He is her first husband that truly loves and respects her. Janie has her freedom to do whatever she wants, and she can still be with Tea Cake.Janie enjoys watching Tea Cake gamble, picking beans, making love, listening to him play the guitar and she learned how to shoot guns with him. Tea Cake teaches Janie to play checkers and she has the freedom to enjoy her life. Janie says there's a difference with Tea Cake, she can "listen and laugh and even talk to herself if she wanted to". Janie had all the freedom in the world by chapter nine.After Tea Cake dies from the dog bite Janie moved back to Eatonville. She had the choice to do whatever she wanted. Janie finally found love. "Tea Cake could never be dead until she herself had finished feeling and thinking". Janie wasn't the only character in the book, but she was the main character who went through the most problems.

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