Theft And Intellectual Property Essay

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Definition of intellectual property and the cyber space Questions to be answered by the research Research methods used The research Hypothesis Experiment Results Conclusion Recommendation References

What is intellectual property? In general, it is the intangible property that is the result of creativity e.g. patents or copyrights In relation to the cyberspace, it refers to the knowledge possessed in the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.

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Accessing the internet from search engines e.g. Google, ASK, et.c Copying and pasting contents into other programs and sites. Publishing the information for the public to access through other web sites. Posting media from hardcopies into a website.

Research on the level of intellectual property protection from theft.  Intellectual property: There is a great deal of debate these days on who owns the web ...view middle of the document...


Intellectual property is protected by the international law on cyberspace laws and one cannot copy paste information from the websites and /or hardcopies and claim it to be theirs.

When some contents were copied from some sites, it was found that it was possible to post it into other sites and share the information with other people pretending the information belongs to you.  When I was trying to make my own website, I found out that I could and I was able to post some media into my site. Who would tell that it was not my property or my newest idea? No one.


The results showed that the protection of the intellectual property is not well put into action that would ensure ones ideas are not misused.  Everything that you own in the cyberspace has already become a global property and you no longer own it alone. Be sure of that.  Even the write protected hardcopies are been ripped and hence one is able to disseminate the information and make a million pound out of someone else’s sweat.

In conclusion, I do know that the intellectual property is in danger, not in safe hands, since it can be used and be reused by other people without your permission. It therefore, leads me to bring out the fact that your intellectual property is not fully protected even by the courts since the courts themselves cannot define their territorial ability on curbing the problem. The jurisdiction on cyberspace has not yet been defined well.


I strongly recommend that the international law court, that is ICC to be given the responsibility to take proper measures on protecting intellectual property. This would eliminate the confusion in the cyber world.

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