The Zulues In South Africa Essay

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Nobody knows how long there have been people living in the
southern part of the African mainland. Experts dates foundings of
irontools in the Swaziland to the 4th century. Sailors who were
shipwrecked outside the coast of South-Africa had contact with people who
earned their living by farming and cattlebreeding. Later on when the
Europeans arrived to South-Africa, they found a people on the east coast
of Natal who called themselves" A ma zulu". These people were tall and
very atleticly build, they could take great effort in both hunting and war
and their knowledge to the nature was incredable.

The Zulu tribe was once one of South-Africas biggest and most
powerful tribes and ...view middle of the document...

But snice there are not to much land available, and the women has to
grow the land themselves to back up their husbands salary, these kind of
farms becomes rearer and rearer. The majority of the marriges nowadays are
monogame anyway. The farms are split up in smaller units, and the men
leave the farms to seek work in the cities.

Sharing of the gods

The principle about sharing the gods between each other is a very
important issue in the Zulu society. The main meal of the day are served
by the women around two o`clock. All the wives makes three dishes, one for
the men, one for the women and one for the children, the dishes are
carried to the oldes ladys cabin where dinner is served. Inside the cabin
the men eat on the right hand side and the women eat on the left handside
of the room. If there are six married women and each of them have done
their part of the job, there will be six diffrent dishes for all of the
three groops of men, women and children. Every groop eat from one plate of
the time. They take their share and passes the plate on to the next one (
Like we did here in Norway a long time ago). This meal doesn`t only give
all the family members more than enough food. It is altso a sosial
occasion where people relax and talk to each other, and the grown ups
teach the young ones good maners. They watch how the child!
ren eat from the plate, because eating from a plate states the meaning of
sharing, and its important that the younger ones learn this as soon as
possible. because sharing is a very important issue in the Zulu society.

The idea of shearing isn`t only expressed during dinner. The
Zulues sets a lot of their pride in owning caddle, but the demand to share
is much stronger than the urge to own caddle. Each and every member of
workers can take milk from a cow when ever he wants. Its altso a custum to
share the milk outside the farm. The custum called ukusisa, is that a man
gives away his cow to a neighbour who doesn`t have a cow, and he borrows
it until he can manage to feed his own family whith milk from his own
cows. Kings and chiefs have allways used this system to their own
advantage. By borrowing people their animals, he made them even more
dependent to him, at the same time as he gave them milk and meat. If he
wanted to make difficulties he could retire all the animals, and the
lenders would have neither food or milk. This custum is very important in
the zulusociety even today. In times of need they also share their own
grow among each other, because letting a neighbour starv is a shame in!
this society. " This is the way animals behave, not humans."
In the spring when the growth come sto an end, everything depends
on the husbands sallary, but in the summer when everything is fresh and
green, they use the money to rebuild their houses and buy clothes and
tools. The chief of the tribe is the mediator if there is a disagreement
over a piece of ...

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