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The Yellow Wall Paper Reader Response

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Composition and literature II

Reader response – The yellow wallpaper

The story “ the yellow wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman depicts the story of an insane woman and how psychiatric treatment of the late nineteenth century affected her and her family . a brief description about her husband would be that he was a physician who was a very caring and loving man . and despite his wife’s mental illness he , not even once expressed a sign of coldness toward her . John , his wife and her sister moved temporarily into another house where John thought his wife would get the ample amount of rest and air she needed . evidence ...view middle of the document...

she soon found that the woman was shaking the bars vigorously , hoping to climb out . some of the other weird patterns also gave way to other heads who were trying to escape just like the woman . and the woman who she thought , was creeping about during the day , was spotted by her numerous times outside , while looking through the window. Something else that added to the mystery was the fact that the wife noticed the woman getting behind the bushes every time a carriage passed by . this condition soon advanced to a state where she didn’t want Jennie nor John in the room , claiming that she wanted to be alone . it was that night that she found the woman trying to escape again as soon as the moon light hit the wall . the wife ran to her rescue. By dawn , a good deal of the yellow wall paper was pulled off. Then the wife began to reason to herself saying that she didn’t want to go out anymore , as everything would appear green and not yellow. She wanted to remain inside as creeping against a wall would assure her that she would never...

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