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The Yellow Wall Paper

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The Yellow Wall paper

One of the most fascinating things about growing older is that the older you get, the more observative you become. You begin to see things as time itself, a collage of memory and projected ideas. The essence of things becomes a quest, an adventure, even. The conquest is not minimized by the lack of strength of the victory; instead it is relished for the strength of the victor. Personal conflict can lend itself to improvising any number of scenarios to escape the reality, or at least to make it more tolerable. In the story of The Yellow Wallpaper, we read of one desperate woman’s struggle to endure an undisclosed and possibly fatal illness. Her tale ...view middle of the document...

The mind races deliberately and thoroughly head long into whatever schemed it can keep up with. This poor woman’s tracings of the wallpaper is psychosis at it’s finest, a rare glimpse into the psyche of the perishing. They only wish not to.

We must ask ourselves the meaning of the woman in the wallpaper that she kept seeing. We must also look at how this moving story could be beneficial to others who struggle with mental illness and how it might help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel or teach them to cope with his or her own trials in life. There are several theatrical demonstrations of those coping and thriving within personal confines that challenge and encourage. “A Beautiful Mind” captures the delusions of a schizophrenic, which is the worst terror one can imagine, being a prisoner inside one’s own mind. Yet the character thrives, becoming a Nobel Prize winner, and showing that just like the yellow wallpaper in this story, belief can fashion a type rope of the smallest of lines.
As tenuous as it may be, life ensures us all of activity. However as our years and health decline, we all face the struggle to maintain an active existence. One can only recall the latter years of Christopher Reeves for an inspiring portrait of...

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