The Wrong Kind Of Life Essay

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The author’s Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald created the English version of “Oedipus Rex” which was about a king that did not know about his identity as a child or who exactly his parents were and was on a mission to find out. Oedipus has been made King of Thebes since Liao’s the former king, had shortly before been killed, Oedipus was honored king by the hand of Queen Iocaste. The new king’s search for the murderer of Liao’s soon led to the discovery of who the killer was and also allowed Oedipus to find his identity as a child and where or who his parents were. The main focal point is about Oedipus’s life and how he was abandoned as a child, left to die, but with pity from a Sheppard ...view middle of the document...

In the reason and talk that the messenger brought, made the queen very worried that Oedipus would find out what she had been hiding from him the whole time. The queen was hiding the truth from Oedipus, that she was his mother and had abandon him when he was younger and she wanted him dead. The fear Oedipus had of sleeping with his mother and killing his father led him to run far away from these “fears” and Corinth as a child. Although he ran from these fears it was only a path that led him unknowingly to kill his father on his escape from Corinth and to lay with his mother in Thebe, where she was the queen and he was pronounced king. No matter how far he ran he could not escape the weaves that God had woven for his life. When the messenger brings the Sheppard for information about who Oedipus is, and after much prodding from the king, the Sheppard concedes; revealing that Oedipus has through circumstance, killed his father and married his mother. This opens the king’s eyes and soon he realizes that it is the truth that the Sheppard is telling him about his folks.
The fear that Oedipus had his whole life of his destiny to kill his father and sleep with his mother, led him to have his fears become who he was and in his thirst for knowledge he had sealed his fate. When Oedipus found out that the queen was his mother it was too late for him to reconcile with her about what she had done, she had already committed suicide and was dead. Oedipus fed up with all the troubles and misery that he had bottled up inside himself and the misery outside made it so he never wanted to see again, so he cuts his eyes and asks for a proper burial for him and the queen. Because he knew that he had...

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