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The Wright Report

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Wright Report
There are numerous ways to view Jesus. His life, teachings, and impact on the world have different meanings to people around the world. In Simply Jesus, N.T. Wright takes a look into Jesus’ life as well as the world in which he lived and the people he lived among. By diving deep into history, Wright attempts to portray Jesus as something larger than people often times imagine.
Wright begins Simply Jesus with one of the most important visualizations of Jesus: his entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Through years of academic study and contemporary events, such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Wright has come to believe that “Jesus – the Jesus we might discover if we really ...view middle of the document...

Humans are co-creators and not just pawns used by God.
Overall, I agree with the claims Wright makes about Jesus. As a scholar, he takes a quite unbiased approach to a topic that is so easy to be biased about. I especially like that Wright not only looks at what Jesus did, but he takes into account the political, social, and religious lives of the people in Jesus’ time with the analogy of the “perfect storm”. Nowadays, it seems as though Christians almost forget that Jesus was at one time a human on earth. Focusing on the historical elements during the first-century, Wright makes Jesus more relatable to readers, yet at the same time he makes Jesus still appear larger-than-life.
Wright makes the point that Jesus embodied God’s kingdom, and that the kingdom was a tangible, bodily kingdom. I believe he could not be more right in his statements against a immaterial, or non-physical, “heaven,” as God works through people on earth. This calls for an integration of God’s kingdom and earth, brought forth even more by the teachings and resurrection of Jesus. I believe Wright is pointing out that God’s kingdom is closer to...

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