The World Of Communication Essay

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The world of communication
What is communication? Communication is an intentional, transactional and symbolical process with a purpose on managing or maintaining ones environment. In other words, communications is the act of exchanging words, thoughts, messages by signals or speeches and it is utilized mostly to relate with others. Besides, to have an effective communication there has to be a sender, a message and a recipient- if one of them is absent then there will not be a communication. On the other hand, the environment plays an important role while communication because it helps people (receivers) to understand the message that senders have sent. The communication can be divided in ...view middle of the document...

So, I felt uncomfortable and useless; I wanted to do many things but as I said the language was my big barrier which did not let me establish a conversation with anybody than other Spanish people due to I was scared of everything. While I was learning English I started to have a social life which I was yearning, it was not easy and sometimes is still being hard to understand some slang words. Now, I see communication as a tool for people to interact and to communicate what they are feeling, otherwise we would just keep everything inside of us, therefore ,we would be overwhelming and fed up of everything and everybody. Communication is the act of transmitting to others what we are and what is on our mind in order to feel better, keep moving and make new friends but we have to know how to do it, we have to make sure if we are expressing our thinking in a good way because sometimes it can be harmful to the other person even if we do not mean it.
On the other hand, verbal communication almost depend on the nonverbal communication due to every time we communicate people (senders) use gestures even without knowing that help the others (receivers) to understand o decode the massage. Also, nonverbal communication” basically it is sending and receiving messages in a variety of ways without the use of verbal codes or words” (Intercultural Business Relations) , such as yawning, smiling, and frowning. Nonverbal communication is important because it helps to repeat or emphasize the verbal message. As the proverb clearly says “Actions speak louder than words.” Sometime we do not know how to say something or just we do not want to say it, sadly our expressions put as under evidence.
Omar Akram said “The best gift you can give is listening without yawning or judging, just listen.” If we want people to listen to us, then we have to listen to them too no matter what. However, nowadays it is really strange to find a person who wants to do it without any interest. Without listening, communication turns though due to we are not paying attention and we are showing an attitude that the other person will not like.

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