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The World Is Flat Essay

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Thomas L. Friedman, a journalist¸ often travels the globe. On a visit to India he ran across and idea that sparked his want to author The World is Flat. The seemingly simplistic idea is that from information and economic aspects the world is “flat”. In the modern age, individuals and countries have greater access to technological advances, which help level the playing field in terms of communication and gathering information. He presents his ideas through specific stories, interviews, and conversations had with executives in different countries who have similar ideas about globalization.
The Next Convergence, written by Michael Spence, expresses the idea that prior to World War II the ...view middle of the document...

They are hard working and willing to learn to improve theirs and their family’s lives. Developing countries governments play a major role in globalization. Countries governments who support and work with global businesses have a major advantage when trying to strengthen their global economic position
Another strong idea that’s presented in both books is a specific call to action; the notions that Americans must recognize, understand, and adapt to the changing economic landscape. Friedman specifically expresses that the United States should not build walls to try and protect, but, instead, prepare to join along with as well as compete against other nations. The United States must realize that the key to staying ahead of the developing countries is education. America is at a huge disadvantage from an economical aspect when it comes to individual salary. An Indian worker could do the same job at the same, or higher, efficiency as an American worker for a fraction of the cost. Spence calls these types of jobs “low-value-added jobs”. From a business perspective it is a no brainer because the main purpose of a business is to profit monetarily. Americans must adapt in specialized areas to stay ahead.
Technology is a major part of globalization. The personal computer, internet, World Wide Web, work flow software and uploading all play fundamental roles in convergence as well as the world becoming flatter. All of the previous are tools that allow the exchange of ideas, which I believe is the main building block of globalization. The internet, often incorrectly used as a synonym of World Wide Web as Friedman states, connects computers throughout the world. Internet browsers have simplified the web and made the everyday user an important player in the global flow in information. Companies are able to connect and meet from opposite sides of the globe. This is a game changer, and technology increasing at an exponential rate.
The future is what Spence focused on. The rise of India and China becoming new economic giants is beginning to bring the globe onto a level playing field. The economic gap is reducing, but will it stop? Will current economic powers then begin to pull away? Friedman and Spence seem to have the future figured out, but there are so many unpredictable factors that could play a role in global economics.
I believe Friedman, even though I felt he exaggerated in some aspects, was extremely effective in arguing his main claim that the world is rapidly becoming economically globalized. His book stimulated my mind to think about the ways that globalization has affected my life. Reflecting, most aspects of our lives have been directly or indirectly affected by globalization. I have read and worked with Friedman’s work through economics classes before and I have historically agreed, and continue to agree with him in The World is Flat. Spence, on the other hand, was tough to figure out, but I believe he has similar claims to Friedman with...

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