The Women Of Ciudad Juarez Essay

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The Women of Ciudad Juarez

Woman of Juarez are hardly ever acknowledge in Mexico and in the United States. No one takes the time to acknowledge their work, when they are the women who work, in order to satisfy the needs of people in the United States. There have been several factors that have served as a contribution to the violence occurring against the woman in Ciudad Juarez. Some blame the drug cartels, some blame the military, some blame the economy, some blame serial killers, but nobody truly understands the violence. The question to these murders has been raised by several individuals, and it is to argue that it is the fault of globalization and industrialization. The contribution ...view middle of the document...

Out of all the women killed, the age range that is targeted is between the ages of ten and thirty. Women are kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered. In many cases, their bodies are mutilated or dumped in the desert slums on Juarez's outskirts” (Luevano 68). Additional research has stated that “Beginning 2006, violence in Juarez has skyrocketed. Over 2500 people were murdered in 2008” (Bowden). Statistics presented by Amnesty International have shown that, “as of 2006 more than 400 bodies have been recovered, with hundreds still missing” (Rodriguez). “The number of missing women given in the November 2008 National Human Rights Commission report was 4,587” (Acosta 1).
The cause for the violence against woman has not yet been determined but there is evidence showing that women working in factories run a higher risk of been attacked. According to Julia Fragoso, and her studies on Femicide, “The young women, who show a greater risk and vulnerability to be attacked, are those who work in the maquiladora industry” (Fragoso). This means that a high percentage of the woman who work in these industries run a risk of never seen their families again. The question is how are they at risk? And the answer is, maquiladoras operate until late hours, therefore women leave work late. Julia Says, “In addition to being women, they are migrants; they walk for long distances and at late hours of the night” (Fragoso). They have no other option than to work in these places, and risk their lives, since the maquiladora is the only source of income. In the book, The Daughters of Juarez, by Teresa Rodriguez, women share their stories and say, “Getting a job on one of the hundreds of assembly lines meant a chance at a better life for the impoverished and often untrained laborers flooding into the Juárez area from throughout the region. Juárez was one of the few places in Mexico that was experiencing a growth in the job market” (Rodriguez). With this in mind, it is possible to appreciate and understand the incentives these women possess to migrate to Ciudad Juarez. Though they dream of succeed they end up been victims of the violent attacks.
The Problem though, is not who is killing, but the incentives and causes of the deaths. “When one speaks of the killing of women, the lives and actions of the victims are described, but not those of the killers. The violence cannot be understood without taking into account the dominant class behind the organization protecting its interests and privileges through a political system permeated in violence” (Fragoso). This means that those who possess the power are behind this problem. Though it is not a precise response to the killings, it is useful to understand how the dominant class whether in Mexico or the United states, continues to subordinate the lower class. Additionally, as a consequence of legislations that have been passed, the problem of homicide against Woman of Ciudad Juarez has increased to a higher level.

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