The Wolves In Sheep's Skins Essay

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Wolves in sheep skins
Clever has been the talk of the month in the village of Masunga because his father preached and used his son as an example of how a real son should be. Everyone knew that Clever was coming home on the 16th of December to meet Ludo( a tailoring student) a young lady her parents chose for him to marry. His father talked pompously of his son and how he is the best bank tailor at Bank of Baroda in Gaborone. A lot was expected from Clever and as expected on the 16th,he came home with a well-known Nigerian French speaking hip hop artists based in Gaborone.Clever ’s father wanted Tabuda to meet Ludo first before all the celebrations could start the next ...view middle of the document...


(They both slowly look at the packet of cigarettes lying on the floor. They slowly turn their heads and their eyes rest on Pastor Hands holding a beer bottle

It’s not like what you see!


Please, sit down, what’s going on my son? It’s not like what I smell in here


(He slumps on the sofa, and takes the beer with him, he does the cross sign and sips again, the old man is shocked and crosses the sign on the Pastor)

Is that my missing jacket you are wearing? (Staring at the jacket)


Mma Clever came running, she was not making sense, please son, is this real alcohol?


Let me visit the public house first (placing the beer on the table and staggering out)

As the Pastor leaves, Rra Malebogo stretches his hand to take the alcohol, the pastor turns instantly and he retreats the hand quickly

Argh.argh... ( he fails to say a word and leaves)


(He removes Castle alcohol from the jacket pocket and sips it, then puts it back, then he quickly grabs the one on the table and sips again for a length time)

This one is colder, black label is the best, i should give up castle

(He puts it back quickly and wipes his mouth when he heard the toilet being flashed, then puts his hand on the forehead


Ta-a-ate .things got really bad. I pray hard for everyone in this village. More than anyone, is that not so?


Yes, my son. You have inspired many people out there


Didn’t I pray for you to stop drinking alcohol, and you did; now why is God cursing my family like this?

(He takes alcohol and mocks the cross sign, but he shakes it, rolls his heard to the almost empty bottle, looks at the bottle, then Rra Malebogo

I think I’m real drunk now, but one more beer, then I will tell you what happened today.

As he leaves to take beer, Rra Malebogo quickly drinks and puts the alcohol back in his jacket

Today you were not a church Tate?


OH, I was with the Chief but Mma Malebogo told me you read.arg...argh Paul 3 Verse 16


John 3 verse 16...but let me tell you what happened from the time I was preaching at church

Act 2

Scene 1
The church choir is head singing. A man enters followed by Father. Father is carrying a burning candle light .He walks around the pulpit and the choir sings more .Father finally stands in front of the pulpit ,puts the candle on candle holder and raises his hand to signify the choir to stop singing.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We thank god for giving us the opportunity to be here. Some of us wished to here but they did not make. Today is special day for me and my family so I want to talk about youths of today.yayayaya, halleluiah ( he speaks more louder with excitement and joy).You, some youths have lost it all, they have borrowed some behavior from the Western and they have forgotten the way we should live and the way they are supposed to live....

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