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The Welsh Decline Essay

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Engelsk Årsprøve 2015

In the article “Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language” by Tom Law, is written about the oppression of the Welsh people that has been going on since the 1840’s. Tom Law talks about the way the English have oppressed the Welsh people, and robbed them of their language and their nationality.
Tom Law is a Welsh writer and journalist, and has been raised in the reformed Wales, that is more English that Welsh nowadays. This article is written on the website Sabotage Times, which is known for its intent to create public debate. The fact that Tom Law is writing this article on a website like this shows us the intent with the article, to create a public debate about the oppression ...view middle of the document...

We learn from the article that the English have kept fighting the Welsh language. Despite the Welsh fighting back and protesting occasionally, the English have proven themselves stronger and have won the fight. This lesson in history from Tom Law lets the average person know the true history of the Welsh decline. It sparks the debate whether the Welsh language should be reintroduced on a larger scale in the public schools, since the language is at the current time taught as a foreign language like German or French.
The intent of Tom Law bringing in the history is definitely to spark a debate around this exact subject, even though he is part of the Welsh majority raised with only the English language.

The tone of the essay is highly negative to the English, in the sense that the Welsh language and part of the culture was taken from them. It glorifies the Welsh language as a lost treasure from the past, that we must bring back to make things right again. Tom Law is fed up with the thought of the Welsh language being inferior to the English language, and wants the Welsh to be able to be proud of their language and heritage once again. The tone is meant to be a fire starter in the debate of whether or not the Welsh should bring back the language. This way of writing will let many people feel the injustice that has ruled over the Welsh population for more than a century. The intent is to get the Welsh to feel their heritage, and make them enter the debate and want to be Welsh again.
The style of the text is neutral on a middle level, it is not formal in any way,...

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