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The Welding Experience Essay

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The Welding Experience.
The sun's rays hit my eyes as if to cause a prick as I opened the gigantic mahogany door, commanding my reflexes to quickly pull out my hand to cover some amount of the beams for better visibility. It was one of those hot summer afternoons. The temperature levels were very high. Conversely, I felt cooler in comparison with close to 120 degrees temperature of my area of work. I pierced my eyes through the parking lot as I shielded them from the bright glare of light that bounced off the windscreens. I had somehow succeeded in avoiding the sun though my sight remained blurred due to the sweat sipping into my eyes. This gave the feeling of swimming in the salty waters ...view middle of the document...

I am convinced that being a welder is one of the most of the difficult things any eighteen-year-old can do. My internship which was the factory work gave me both positives and negatives in my life. I had without any doubt learned a lot in life in three months than I had in my past eighteen years, and apparently the fete did not come on a silver plate. I had to wake up very early while my friends were still sleeping to prepare to go to work. The working environment being like an inferno, I was tempted to play sick and continue sleeping. Work was no fun and thus saw no benefit of going there, especially when I looked at the burns as I nursed them, I was deeply demotivated. My protective gear had exhausted their lifetime though the work was still intact leaving the molten metal spitting from the arc to corrode my skin. I realized the days I really wanted to skive the workstation were the ones I learned the most. The almost endless walks and the lengthy car rides, I realized what was happening. The summer break had taught me a lot about what I wanted to be and what I had to put in place to achieve my goals. Perseverance and hard work were the primary virtues here. School, for instance, unlike before has now proved to be essential in reaching out for the best.
The self-realization that education was substantial in life was worth the backbreaking encounter, but welding made me know much more. I had fit in my whole life, but I was an outsider on the first day of work. Not only did I not possess any experience on the job, but I also had not received any exposure at a factory level. I had never lived a life of waking up every early morning before dawn, and I had no glimpse of thought on how manual work would look...

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