The Ways To Extend The Life Of The Crusher

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The analysis of the whole development tendency and the industry market prospect of crushing industry has particular instructive significance to accelerating the industrial structure adjustment of crusher as well as promoting the adjusting development of chemical enterprises in the near future and in the long term. The continuously developing crusher industry also gradually affects the materials of chemical industry such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide, new fields fine chemicals, inorganic salt, organic materials, rubber processing, chlor-alkali, chemical new material. It affects the position, current situation, development trend of the materials in national economy as well as the relevant ...view middle of the document...

(3) Strengthen the management of spare partsCrusher equipment is the basic guarantee and precondition of production and suitable reserve of spare parts is indispensable material guarantee of equipment management and wearing parts such as grate bar, cambered plate, hammer axle, hammers and various lining boards.(4) Strengthen the routing inspection and maintenance of crusherLubricating grease is an important influencing factor of equipment. Every lubricating point should be injected with oil according to the actual need of the equipment, and the equipment can never be run without lubricating grease. In addition, quantitatively add oil to the equipment.In the equipment management process, overhaul is more important than emergency maintenance, as overhaul can find many hidden dangers in the running process of the equipment. In addition, take record on the data and analyze and collect them, improve the loophole and deficiency of the equipment management and improve the efficiency and service of the spare parts of crusher.(5) Monitor the source of raw materialsIn...

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