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The Ways In Which Willy Russell Develops The Characters Of Rita And Frank In His Play Educating Rita

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The Ways in Which Willy Russell Develops the Characters of Rita and Frank in his Play Educating Rita

In my essay I shall write an analysis to 'discuss the ways in which
Willy Russell develops the characters of 'Rita' and 'Frank' in his
play 'Educating Rita'. This play is a 20th Century play and was set in
the 1980's. The plays write Willy Russell has also written many other
famous plays such as: - 'Blood Brothers', 'Our day out' and 'Shirley
Valentine. He is also well known for writing plays with female
protagonists. The play 'Educating Rita' is basically about a woman who
wants to be educated when she finally realizes the fact that she has
wasted her ...view middle of the document...

At the end of the
play both characters have changed dramatically because at the
beginning of the play Rita was not educated, however at the end of the
play Rita had been educated but Frank was jealous of this and did not
want this to happen from the beginning, since Frank knew that Rita's
attitude and personality would change and she would be a different
person. He also knew that Rita would make new friend and mix with
other students. Frank did not want this to happen but when it had
already happened he started to act angrily and moody towards Rita. I
personally realized that Frank and Rita's characters undergo a
metamorphosis in the play.

At the beginning of Act 1 Scene 1 the reader discovers that Frank is
an alcoholic, "pull out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky",
which leads the audience to believe that Frank is depressed or even
stressed out because as a second class professor of English Literature
a person would not ruin his reputation and career by drinking, which
might make other students or colleagues think that there is something
wrong in his life.

When Frank and the protagonist Rita both meet in Frank's office for
the first time in Act one Scene one we the audience discover that Rita
has a very strong Liverpool accent and used a great deal of slang. She
is also very talkative and uses informal language (foul language).
This also reveals to the reader that Rita is very uneducated since she
did not do well in school as explained already.

Willy Russell the author has deliberately created this effect so that
the audience suspect that there will be no hope for Rita in her
education and then when Rita does become very well educated it
surprises the audience and engages there them towards the play.

Rita and Frank's language and behaviour is very different compared
with each other. For example the contrast between Rita's usage of foul
language and Frank's very negative attitude towards teaching Rita.
This also causes confusion because Rita is gasping for knowledge but
Frank wants to quit the ability to teach others. Despite this Frank
still decides to teach Rita, this is because he likes her attitude and
humour, which enlightens him. The reason why Rita wanted to be
educated is because as mentioned before she wants to gain the respect
of a true educated person and lives her husband 'Denny' who persuades
her to think that all he wants is children but all Rita wants at the
time is the same thing in which Frank wanted or got; knowledge, "Denny
found out that I was on the pill again, it was my fault I left my
prescription out. He burn't all my books. Most of Rita's family is
uneducated and stay in pubs most of the time but Rita's mother also
realizes the same thing Rita has, when one time Rita was in a pub with
her family and are singing songs, her mum says to...

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