The Ways In Which The Reading Skills Can Be Taught In A Communicative Classroom

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The ways in which the reading skills can be taught in a communicativeclassroom.Reading is described as a "psycholinguistic process by which the reader reconstructs as best as he can a message which has been encoded by a writer as a graphic display" (Goodman, 1971). It is essentially consisting of a successful interaction among three factors: higher-level conceptual abilities, background knowledge, and process strategies. The result of the interaction is comprehension. Conceptual abilities are important in reading acquisition. Process strategies are considered subcomponents of reading ability although they are also mental processes. For example, knowledge of the phonology of a language ...view middle of the document...

In addition, cognitive resources that could have been used for comprehension must be reallocated to word recognition. As a result comprehension suffers. Improving their level of word recognition will enable struggling readers to focus on the real goal of reading (Pinnell et al., 1995).Very slow reading can result in a cycle of interacting negative consequences. Unrewarding reading experiences lead to less involvement in reading related activities. Students avoid reading when they do not feel successful, which eliminates the one thing that will improve their practice. For the teacher of the struggling reader, the dilemma is how to provide more practice in a task that the student avoids and probably dislikes (Allington, 1977).This essay examines the ways in which reading skills can be taught in a communicative classroom. Some examples will be quoted to illustrate the certain procedures and implementation processes.One of the ways of reading is 'Precision reading'. It is a short, daily reading activity designed to improve sight word recognition and the reading fluency and comprehension of students with low reading achievement. It is a combination of the methods of repeated readings. Precision reading applies the measurement and evaluation procedures of precision teaching to the repeated readings procedure. Students read the same passage aloud to their instructor for one minute every day for seven to ten school days, engage in corrective practice for their errors daily, and graph their improved fluency at each reading.One advantage of precision reading is the minimal time requirement for both the student and teacher. The student must read for only one minute, which is non-threatening even for the most reluctant reader. From start to finish, daily sessions range from five to ten minutes, which is not time-consuming for the teacher. (Mackay, Barkman and Jordan, 1979)Precision teaching is a precise and systematic method of monitoring learning and evaluating instruction. It is a form of authentic assessment since it (a) directly measures student learning, (b) is a continuous process, (c) occurs during real learning experiences and (d) involves both students and teachers (Pike & Salend, 1995).The fundamental guiding principle of precision teaching is simply that the learner knows best, or in other words, the student's behaviour can tell us better than anything else whether or not instruction has been effective. If the child is progressing, then the instructional strategy is presumed to be effective to that child. If progress is too slow, different strategies must be tried until one is found that reverses the trend.The evaluation of pupil performance and progress in precision teaching is based on an analysis of the number of correct responses observed during each minute of the assessment period on a daily basis. Daily measurement allows for continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of instruction and measuring both accuracy and rate of response...

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