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The Way Of Life Essay

744 words - 3 pages

This project is designed to give you the opportunity and experience of researching a career that you are interested in pursuing. Your research for this project will be from a number of sources: informational interviews, career books, the Internet or other written material. You should take advantage of the resources provided in the Career Center, Evans Library, and the Student Counseling Center. There is also some great information available in various departmental offices on campus. You will need to use a variety of different sources, and you will need to make sure that the sources you select are considered valid and reliable. Please keep this in mind, especially when selecting ...view middle of the document...

Include a personal reflection regarding your reaction to this information. You should have multiple (minimum of 3) sources for this information. Make sure you include your sources for the information.
Career Research Project #4 – Informational Interview Notes: 25 points. Valuable information about a career can be obtained by interviewing someone who works in that field (or a closely related one). Oftentimes, you learn something you would never have found out otherwise. For this project, you will need to conduct an informational interview. Via eLearning, submit typewritten notes from your informational interview. Include your questions, a summary of their answers and a brief summary and reflection about what you learned. Submitting just your questions and/or just the questions/answers is not sufficient.
Career Research Project #5 – Reflection Paper: 50 points. Via eLearning, submit a 750 – 1000 word reflection paper about what you have learned. This should not be a re-hash of your previous submissions in terms of information gathered, but rather what you now think and feel about this career based on the information gathered. Are you still interested in this career? Why or why not? What was the most surprising thing you discovered and why? What has been the largest benefit you have gained from this project and why?


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