The Way Forward In Afghanistan And Pakistan

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The Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Name: Ted Johnson Date: 13 April 2010

Based upon the attached “Remarks by the President in “Address to the Nation on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan”, the President stated that as Commander in Chief he made the determination that it was in the vital national interest of the United States to send in an additional 30,000 U.S. Troops to Afghanistan. The President stated that the United States must deny Al Qaeda a safe haven, reverse the Taliban’s momentum and deny it the ability to overthrow the government. Strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s security forces and government so that the ...view middle of the document...

Beyond this transnational struggle, we face other threats, including a variety of irregular challenges, the quest by rogue states for nuclear weapons, and the rising military power of other states. These are long-term challenges. Success in dealing with them will require the orchestration of national and international power over years or decades to come” another reason why is because, “U.S. dominance in conventional warfare has given prospective adversaries, particularly non-state actors and their state sponsors, strong motivation to adopt asymmetric methods to counter our advantages. For this reason, we must display a mastery of irregular warfare comparable to that which we possess in conventional combat.” (2008 National Defense Strategy). Secretary Gates mentions the use of soft and hard powers to counteract the effects of irregular warfare. Another “How” the NDS counter balanced the armed forces past tendency to focus on congenital threats and conflicts was, ‘Working with and through local actors whenever possible to confront common security challenges is the best and most sustainable approach to combat violent extremism.

What ends and their associated ways and means are specified for Somalia in the attached “Report on U.S. Strategy towards Somalia? ...

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