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The War On Drugs Isn’t Necessary

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Damien Thomas
EN1320 Composition 1
Unit 10 Research Paper Part 6: Final Draft of Research Paper
The war on drugs isn’t necessary; the amount of money tax payers are wasting is reason alone to consider other options. There is talk that decriminalizing drugs will not help, and that legalizing them will cause more trouble than what is already around, while legalizing marijuana and educating the teens about drugs may guide them to make better choices as they grow older. Not only does the war on drugs take money out of the hard-working hands of Americans, but it also forces drug users to look for alternative ways to get high. Because of unfair laws on drugs such as marijuana, users ...view middle of the document...

In a 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston recalled how her mother showed up one day at her doorstep with sheriff’s officers and a court order for a drug intervention. (Bennett, 2013) This only shows that tax money was spent for that sheriff to go to Houston’s home. The courts took the time to get into someone’s personal business, and regretfully, she still died of a drug overdose. Decriminalizing drugs might not make the world better, but it couldn’t make it worse. A drug like marijuana itself has never caused a death, unlike cigarettes and alcohol which are both legal.
“Teens are using cigarettes and alcohol less, but they are smoking more marijuana…. because they do not perceive it to be as harmful as did teens in the past.” (Gwynne, 2013) The result of a survey done by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) in 2011, called Monitoring the Future Survey of Teen Drug Use’, proves this. According to the NIDA study, a decline in marijuana’s associated risk contributed to teens smoking more of it, while drinking less alcohol and smoking fewer cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes are more deadly and addictive than marijuana, and education about the medical benefits of the drug is what causes teens to make better decisions. The data NIDA provides proves that with the proper education, so individuals can make decisions that result in less harm to themselves like everybody else, teens do not actually want to get hurt or become addicts. Educating teens does not necessarily ensure that they will use fewer drugs; however it does increase the odds that they will use drugs safely. Many have admitted to experimenting with some type of drug (alcohol and cigarettes can be considered drugs) from doctors to lawyers; even presidents have admitted to such. Drug abuse is what the focus should be on drug use specifically marijuana shows benefits for people living with glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD; just like morphine or codeine it should be legal for use and monitored for abuse. (Gwynne, 2013)
“Teens are going to do something, so why not allow them to purchase the safest drug out there, without risking arrests that could ruin their lives, by chopping away at education and employment opportunities?”(Gwynne, 2013) One of the drugs that could, in contrast, ruin their lives is ‘spice’, a deadly lab version of marijuana, that has become popular with teens and people that have to worry about drug testing, like the US military. Spice is a new synthetic drug that mimics the effect of marijuana with a more intense and potentially harmful high....

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