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The War On Drugs: A Losing Battle?

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In 1968, when American soldiers came home from the Vietnam war addicted to heroin, President Richard Nixon initiated the War on Drugs. More than a decade later, President Ronald Reagan launches the South Florida Drug Task force, headed by then Vice-President George Bush, in response to the city of Miami’s demand for help. In 1981, Miami was the financial and import central for cocaine and Marijuana. Thanks to the task force, drug arrests went up by 27%, and drug seizures went up by 50%. With that, the need for prosecutors and judges also rose which helped boost our economy (Thirty Years of America’s Drug War). Despite these increased arrests and seizures, marijuana and cocaine still poured ...view middle of the document...

D.). A “drug-free world,” which the United Nations describes as a realistic goal , is no more attainable than an “alcohol free world.” In which no one has talked about with a straight face since the repeal of the Prohibition in the United States in 1933 (Nadelmann). This a logical statement when looking at the war on drugs in general; it is a never-ending battle, people against the government. This war is not only continuous as it has been going on for nearly 40 years, but it also harms people, costs imaginable amounts of money, and imprisons many people even on the smallest amount of the charge. This all shows that the war on drugs is not worth the fight, nor the tax payers money.
First, the war on drugs harms many innocent people. A story that shows how this war does more harm than good is best told in an article from USA Today written by Chris Hawley: Morelia Mexico. Angelica Bucio knows firsthand the mounting problems of President Felipe Calderon’s nationwide war on drugs. She was among the thousands of of revolters packed into this colonial city to celebrate Mexican Independence Day when two grenades exploded. The blast slammed Bucio against a fountain. Her arms and legs were struck by shrapnel which are small metal pieces that scattered outward from the bomb. There was smoke, people screaming and blood everywhere. The September 15th attack which killed eight people and injured 108, demonstrates that Calderon’s battle against drug cartels is still a struggle after nearly two years. Instead of subsiding, drug related murders are rising (Hawley). This may seem in some ways to support the war on drugs because innocent people are being killed due to the drug cartels; this is also the only one person’s point of view. This does the opposite though, it shows that if governments would to quit trying to fight the drug cartels this sort of violence would diminish.
However, this leads to an argument about marijuana legalization and will it help cripple the mexican cartels. If the government stopped fighting the cartels to diminish violence, they can counteract by legalizing marijuana taking away a portion of the drug money profits. On January 1st, Colorado made history by becoming the first American state were marijuana can be purchased for recreational purposes, and in which marijuana is regulated from the seed to the actual sale of the product (Marijuana Legalization Will Hurt Mexican Cartels, but How Much?). As attitudes in America begin to shift in favor of outright legalization, it increasingly seems possible that more and more states, and eventually the rest of the country might follow. Given the nature of the illegal drug businesses, this might make illegal drug trafficking a commodity. At times, the Office of National Drug Policy has said that as much as 60% of cartel profits come from the production and sale of marijuana. On the other hand, a 2010 RAND study (International Programs and Drug Policy Research Center) estimated the...

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