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The Walt Disney Company & Comparison With The Time Warner Company

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The Walt Disney Company & Comparison with the Time Warner Company
Cafer C. Sengonul
California Intercontinental University 2015

Walt Disney (The Walt Disney Company) and Warner Bros (Time Warner Company) are the two major entertainment company in the world. These two similar rival groups are competing in the same business areas. Both companies keep producing new products to stay in the business while they keep their classics fresh in their customers' minds too by using them in different areas. This case study analysis is about the the Walt Disney Company and how they are using different business areas to keep their brand and products fresh in minds of their customers. ...view middle of the document...

This section includes brands like Marvel, Pixar Studios, Lucasfilm, Touchstone movies, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Theatrical Group, Disney Music and Disneynature. (“Disney Company Studio Entertainment”, 2015). Some of the products that was produced by Walt Disney Entertainments are Toy Story, Wall-E, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Dead Poets Society, Pretty Woman, and Pearl Harbor. Walt Disney Interactive Media produces applications and games for all the platforms including game consoles, smartphones, and PCs.
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are always been a tourist attraction for the people all around the world. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts can be found in Florida, California and the major cities around the world like Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Paris, and Shangai.
Walt Disneys company’s Disney Consumer Products includes Disney Licensing, Disney Stores, and Disney Publishing Worldwide. Disney Consumer Products is the world’s biggest licensor. Disney Publishing Worldwide is the most major children books publisher in the world. (“Disney Company Consumer Products”, 2015)
Disney Licensed products which include Walt Disney’s trademarked characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse or Winnie The Pooh can be found on almost everything that children are using today. Some product examples may be the books, notebooks, toys, pencils, backpacks. Disney keeps producing new and successful products including movies, animations, music or cartoons every year.
Disney uses their licenced characters very efficiently; for example Mickey Mouse was first created in 1920s, and it has been almost a century, but we still can see it in the magazines, apparels, toys and memorabilia. Disney can still attract people by using these characters that show us their marketing success.

Comparison with the Time Warner Company
Warner Bros (Time Warner Company) and Walt Disney (The Walt Disney Company) are the two major entertainment company in the world. These two rival groups are similar to each other. Both companies are competing in the same business areas.
In the Media network area where they compete with Disney, Time Warner has CW Television networks, HBO Tv networks and WBTV network. Warner Bros are producing popular TV shows like Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Shameless, and Two and a Half Men. (“Warner Bros. Television.”, 2015)
In the Movie production segment, Warner Bros has Warner Bros Pictures company, which made more than $4 billion revenue in 2014. Warner Bros also own New line Cinema where they produced big movies like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Mask or The Hobbit trilogy. Warner Bros Theatre Ventures is the theater owned by Time Warner Company where they present famous live stage plays or musicals. (“Warner Bros. Pictures.”, 2015)
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment creates games for different platforms under WB...

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