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"The Wall" Response. A Short Story By Jean Paul Sartre

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"The Wall" is a short story about a man awaiting execution at the hands of fascist leaders. The story is very descriptive. It clearly expresses the feelings and thoughts of the main character, Pablo. While reading this story I put myself in Pablo's shoes and access the situation he is in. The story takes place in a cell where Pablo is with two other prisoners awaiting their executions. Because he knows the time and place of his death, he slowly loses the will to live. I shared his feeling of despair and hopelessness when I was reading the story. It reminded me of times that I felt ...view middle of the document...

I feel that he is very brave for sticking to his core beliefs of integrity and loyalty by not telling the truth about the whereabouts of his friend Ramon. He eventually gives his captors what he thinks is false information, assuming he has nothing to lose anyways. I find it ironic that his friend is found exactly where he said he would be. This spared Pablo's life and he was so relieved that he fainted into unconsciousness. I felt his joy when he was delivered the news. I was very happy for him and I really felt a man's life was spared even though this was a fictional story. Though he does accidentally expose the location of his friend, I believe he did not violate his beliefs because he did not mean to do it.

I believe that the title of this story refers to the wall in the courtyard used by firing squads to execute prisoners. It is mentioned several times by the characters in the story. Each time the wall was mentioned it was feared and the wall haunted Pablo throughout the story, reminding him of his eminent death. As I was reading the story I also had the wall in the back of my mind. The wall symbolizes death and was feared by all the characters. This is a very neat story because even though both the main character and the reader thinks they know what will happen, the story ends in an unexpected twist where there is a happy ending in the sense that the main character's life is spared, but at the expense of another's life.

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