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The Visit Essay

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Abortion Many debates have risen in American politics and society over time; however, none are as complex or as passionate as the debate over abortion. The most controversial questions asked in this debate include when life begins to the social question of the quality of an unwanted child's life; from the legal question of whether some, or all, abortions should be outlawed to the ethical question of whether a rape victim may be required to bear her attacker's child (Greer). Religion as well as a person's own morals and personal views are used to answer these questions. With different views and different answers to these questions, a common ground will be extremely hard to find, if one is ...view middle of the document...

One-third of all abortions are performed on women in between the ages of 20 and 24. There is much controversy over late-term abortions, even more so than abortion itself. Eighty-eight percent of all abortions performed are in the first trimester. Only 1 percent involves the third-trimester. The state that one lives in does have an influence on the decision to have an abortion or not. For teenagers, 30 percent require parental consent or notification. As of 1995, a few states that require parental consent are California, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Louisiana. Some states that require parental notification, however, no consent are Nevada, Indiana, Utah, Colorado, and Arkansas. The states that require no consent or notification are Washington, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Hawaii. The Roe v. Wade case gave the state the power to make their own decision of whether or not to allow certain abortions. There are many reasons women give for having an abortion. Some are pretty absurd while others make sense. Seventy-six percent of abortions are done because of a life-style concern of some kind. Sixty-eight percent cannot afford a child or the time off of work. In 51 percent, it creates problems in the relationship or there are already problems that having a child will increase. Thirty-one percent are not ready for the responsibility of having a child. Another 31 percent are embarrassed about sex. Thirty percent claim to not be mature enough. Twenty-six percent already have too many kids to take care of and could not handle another one. In 23 percent of all abortions, the woman's partner persuades her to have an abortion because he does not want a child. Thirteen percent of abortions are because the fetus's life is in some kind of danger. Seven percent of abortions are because the woman's health is compromised. Seven percent can be attributed to the parents of the woman making her or persuading her to get the abortion. One percent is due to a rape victim or a victim of incest. Six percent is due to other reasons not mentioned (Currie). Some of these reasons are valid reasons; however, some are ridiculous. If a woman had an abortion because she was embarrassed about sex, she should never have put herself in the "embarrassing" situation. There are many more facts of abortion, but knowing these few educates one in making a decision for or against abortion.In 1973, a very important abortion case came before the United States Supreme Court. This case involved a woman named Norma McCorvey. She lived in Dallas and had sought an abortion but was turned down by the anti-abortion laws of Texas. McCorvey went to court backed by reformers looking for a test case. Using the pseudonym "Jane Roe," McCorvey sued Henry Wade, the DA of her county, on the grounds that the statute violated the United States Constitution. Roe v. Wade wound its way slowly through the legal system and eventually to the...

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