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The Virtual Employee Essay

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The Virtual Employee
Orange Business Services

Jonathan Golby
Session: March 2010
Professor: Frank Castanon
The Telecommuter 2
Introduction 2
Definition of Telecommuting 2
Overview of Orange Business Services 3
Company Background 3
Operations Background 3
Current Issues 4
Managing Employees Virtually 4
Managing Real Estate Costs 5
Investments in Technology 5
Increase Work Productivity and Family Balance 6
Proposed Solution 6
Voice over IP 7
Laptop Computers 7
Multifunction Devices 8
Video Conferencing 9
Network Security 9
Reccomendations 10
Conclusions 10
Implementation Schedule 12

The Telecommuter

Today’s office environment is ...view middle of the document...

Overview of Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services is part of a global conglomerate that falls under an umbrella of the France Telecom group of companies. France Telecom itself provides mobile, internet, and fixed telecommunication services to 193 million customers in 32 countries. With the power of France Telecom and Orange Business Services, product offerings range from mobility, telephony, unified communications, networking, and equipment sales, along with various other offerings including IT solutions, contract service management, industry solutions, and professional services. France Telecom on average employs 181,000 people worldwide of which 80,000 work outside of France. (
Orange Business Services and France Telecom are currently undergoing massive changes here not only here in the United States but also around the globe. The group has recently expanded operations over the last couple of years by purchasing a variety of small equipment sales and contract service oriented firms globally. During this expansion they have also built and opened up a large worldwide operations management center in Mumbai, India. This new operations management center is responsible for IT Mainframe Teams, Helpdesk Support Teams, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Teams, and Oracle Operations Teams. This new center employs over 20,000 people working around the clock, seven days a week supporting various parts of the world. Along with this major global expansion and change in operations, Orange Business Services made another acquisition, a local equipment distribution and service company called Tech Force in Florida. Because of this acquisition 275 Tech Force employees are now considered part of the many 181,000 France Telecom employees. Because Orange Business Services has encountered such global growth and change, we must address some current issues. These issues include, managing employee’s virtually, managing real estate costs, managing investments in information technology, and finally managing employees productivity thus providing greater work / family balance.
Current Issues

The current issue for Orange Business Services and France Telecom boils down to the massive amounts of employees, not only here in the United States but globally as well. Where do we put all of these employees how do you manage them on a global scale to make sure you still maintain a competitive advantage. At the same time when you have this many employees there needs to be vast amounts of investment in information technology. Finally, with this many employees, programs need to be put into place to increase their work life balance.
How do you manage 181,000 people who are placed globally around the world. This is a massive undertaking, that must have the right strategic management structure in place. One structure that Orange Business Services has is breaking large areas of the company into divisions. These...

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