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The Vikings Essay

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The Vikings The Vikings lived in Southern Norway in 890 AD. They were excellent fighters/warriors as they practiced fighting with their fine weapons often. Their lives were based on raiding countries, which they believed were unstable or easy to conquer, While in this country/village they steal food from the villagers.The Vikings take all the things they need for the voyage, but take very little food with them on their large battle ships. However the food they take includes a few buckets of fresh water and sour milk, some flour, and bags of dried fish and meat. Their ships are about 24 metres long and 5 metres wide, helping the ship to make its ...view middle of the document...

Video No. 1 During the year 1000, England was prosperous with Christians, and baptism was considered to be necessary to be a Christian. During this time the Winchester was the capital of England. There was no toilet paper at this time so the Anglo Saxons used leaves or anything else they could find that was soft. In order to be a slave in that time you had to either ¨ Be born into a slave family ¨ Have committed a crime ¨ Be unable to pay debts.Also in this time there were no pain relief drugs during pregnancy, all they were able to do is get the lady to chew on a candle. Wounds during that time were handled by being: 1. covered in fat 2. Cleaned with honey 3. Covered with bandage cloth.Although this was considered clean blood poisoning was likely to occur if you were cut in those days. People were quite dirty as they hardly ever bathed and although they combed their hair, since they didn't wash most of them had knits.Priests had the job of making sure everyone went to church and did not work on the Sabbath.The women made bread which was a very difficult activity.The flour had to be ground on concrete which is the cause of most Anglo Saxons having bad teeth- the tiny pieces of concrete in the bread stripped enamel of their teeth. When the Vikings invaded England taxes were raised greatly.In conclusion the vikings were an excellent race and had a complex culture based aroud violence.

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