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The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Prior to the war in Vietnam, Americans were enjoying post-war prosperity with the acquisiton of homes and new home conveniences such as dishwashers and televisions. They were comfortable, relatively affluent, and becoming quite complacent while living the American dream.
The youth of the 1960’s are responsible for the creation of the counter-culture formation. They rejected the perfect American life they inherited from their parent’s generation and many of the fundamental values that their parents tried to instill in them. The children of the post-war generation grew up with many luxuries and advantages their parents had not been privy to.
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Americans against the war accused the veterans of killing innocent Vietnamese people, and pro-war Americans resented the loss of the war. The United States had spent more than 120 billion dollars on the Vietnam war between 1965-1973. America suffuered from widespread inflation and, the thought that America was invicible among the world was shattered. Americans had become less concerned with the threat of a Communist invasion or atomic attack. Those fears had been replaced with doubt about the honesty and intergrity of their government leaders.
Soldiers suffered from exposure to harmful chemicals such as Agent Orange, that was dumped over the dense foliage of the Vietnam jungles in an effort to destroy the protective barrier the North Vietnamese were using for cover. According to documentation found on, more than 500,000 soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, higher rates of divorce, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction.
By the end of the war in Vietnam, America had undergone quite a facelift from her suburban era. The youth of America had found their voice and were not holding back. They demanded an end to the war, equality for gays, minorities, and women. They refused to fit into the...

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