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The Value Of Team Diversity In The Corporate World

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Abstract Australian workplaces are diverse, reflecting the diversity of the Australian population. Diversity is commonly interpreted in relation to ethnicity, gender and culture. Diversity also captures the differences and similarities between individuals and group, encompassing race, ethnicity, gender, culture, age sexual orientation, religion, language, socio-economic status, education, family status, physical and mental ability. (Nicholas, 2001) These demographic variables are related to other important diversity characteristics such as values, attitudes, interaction styles, physical and cognitive abilities and non-work commitments. Within the workplace, these demographic characteristics ...view middle of the document...

Learning organisations add to the bottom line through using knowledge creation as a competitive advantage over rivals.Australian organisations compete in a global marketplace. Organisations operating internationally must develop capability to navigate culturally complex environments. Operating in other economies such as Asia where there are different formal and informal institutions challenges Australian business. Managed well, Australian organisations can mobilise the skills that reside within their culturally diverse workforce to compete in other countries and within Australia.Human resource management is an approach to managing the human resources of organisations, which recognises the importance of an organisations workforce as vital human resources contributing to the goals of the organisations, and the utilisation of several functions and activities to ensure that they are used effectively and fairly for the benefit of the individual, the organisation and society. (Schuler, Dowling et al, 1992) Schuler et al (1992) Five main functions and activities identified by Schuler et al (1992) are human resource planning, staffing, performance management, managing the work environment and establishing and maintaining effective working relationships. One of the main assertions of effective human resource management in an organisation is the direct impact on bottom line outcomes. When diversity management strategies are incorporated enhancing working relationships, the bottom line effects of diversity management can be predicted. At the same time, the symptoms of poor diversity management can be gauged through an analysis of individual, team and organisation effects and outcomes.Human resource management focuses on improving the human resource functions such as planning, staffing, appraisal and remuneration, to meet the objectives of attracting, retaining and motivating employees in order to improve organisational outcomes and potentially the bottom line. Diversity arises from the effective management of diverse opinions in decision making and problem solving which leads to enhanced creativity and innovation. Effective diversity management achieves these goals while allowing business to tap into the unique knowledge, skills and experiences of its workforce.Diversity is the scope for organisations to develop a competitive advantage in managing diverse human resources and derive the benefits of that advantage through bottom line returns. As Dass and Parker (1996) state, advantage comes not from diversity itself but rather from forging a link between the external environments fostering diversity and internal organisational systems that are capable of capitalising on it. Cox and Blake (1991) present six broad areas in which sound diversity management can create a competitive advantage to the organisation: cost, resource acquisition, marketing, creativity, problem solving and organisational flexibility. Cox (1993) later developed the value in diversity...

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