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The Value Of Life Essay

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Obama Care
By: Crystina Parga
Work Cited
Armstrong, Lance, and Sally Jenkins. It’s Not About The Bike; My Journey Back to life. New York: PenguinPutnam, 2001. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet.
What is the value of life? That is a question many people ask themselves, or others. There really is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has a different opinion, perspective, or personal experience. I believe the value of life has so many meanings and differences. I do believe people should not take life for granted, because we all have one life, and if we mess it up then that’s it. Some people don’t know the value of life, until it flashes before their eyes, just like Lance Armstrong did. ...view middle of the document...

Not that he wasn’t happy to be alive, but trying to figure out why he was given a second chance. Not only did cancer show him the importance of his life, but it also made him a much stronger person. He always believes that cancer was the best thing to happen to him. He still doesn’t fully understand why it happened, but he’s glad it did.
In “Hamlet’s Sililoquoy” by William Shakespeare. When he questions himself whether it is better “To be or not to be,” he is pretty much saying “Should I kill myself?” The entire soliloquy is based on suicide, deciding to try to work up his courage to do it. Situations like that are intense, taking your own life away because either you didn’t like it, or didn’t deserve it, that is not the value of life. When people don’t take life seriously all they can do is deal with regrets and mistakes. Of course everyone has different ways of choosing how they want to live it, but I strongly agree that life should be taken seriously, because you may never know.
You could be as healthy as a horse and one day just not breathe. It happens to a lot of people. I always watch the news, and I am always seeing that football players collapse during a game with no medical conditions, just fit and healthy. When they collapse, they end up dying for certain reasons or natural causes. It hits you when it happens to someone special in your life, such as family. Doing drugs and drinking should not be a way or reason to live your life. In my opinion that’s not a way of living. It’s not safe nor healthy. All people are doing is abusing their bodies with such substances and drinks. It’s not good or fun.
People should value their life as a precious gift. That to me is the meaning of life. Life is so beautiful, it’s special and important. You can do so much with you’re life by yourself, with friends, acquaintances, even...

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