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The Value Of An Education Essay

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Career Choice and the value of an Education.
Plenty of factors go into the decision of what career field an individual would like to pursue. What their families or parents did for a career, how much education is involved, salary, schedules, benefits, and the type of people he will be involved with on a day-to-day basis within a chosen career field. Some people want to be doctors but do not necessarily want to spend the next eight to 10 years in college, so they decide to pursue something else. Some want to be a teacher because they enjoy working with children, and do not mind the smaller salary. These are a few of the factors that go into the decision of what career field an individual ...view middle of the document...

More often companies want their employees to have an education in order to move them into management positions, or even to secure their jobs. Some companies have layoffs and the individuals that have the college degree are the ones the company is going to want to keep. I see people returning to school to get their bachelor's degree in Business management that have had the same job for probably several years but they are returning to school so that they can make themselves more valuable to their employer. The more education an individual has the more valuable he or she is to an employer.
According to Vikki Pickering, "the more you learn the more you earn" (The Value of Higher Education, pg 4). This statement is very accurate; it shows that having a degree gives a certain edge to an individual looking to obtain a position in a specific company. Having a degree will show the prospective employer that an individual is willing to continue to learn new things even after graduation. Obtaining that perfect job with the best benefits and the most competitive salaries is not an easy goal to accomplish without a college education. An individual may have the experience he needs to fulfill the roles of management, but an employer will always choose that individual who has a degree behind them over the one who does not. Adults who have an education make more money in their lifetime than someone who does not have an education. Adults who have an education are also healthier and live longer, maybe that is because they are making more educated decisions about healthier lifestyles.
From all this, my decision to return to college was influenced. I truly would like to work in the pharmaceutical field. Having tried to get into this field without the degree, I found that my resume was ignored. I started talking to people I knew in the medical field and found out what exactly I was going to need if I was to get into this field. The first thing that I was told was that I was going to need a degree in Business. Being very interested in this field and tired of the rut that my current job is in, going back to school seemed to be an easy step.
A pharmaceutical representative will do quite a bit of traveling and making sales calls to prospective clients. During these face-to-face meetings, and sales calls the representative will discuss what the potential or current client's needs are and how his or her product could possibly help meet these needs. They may also help set up technical equipment and train staff. There are several companies that offer the same product, so the job of the representative is to emphasize unique qualities of their products. The representative will have at their disposal a catalog or list of the current products this could include several products to help the client save money and time in their office. The representative will have other duties aside from their selling of the product on hand. They will have to track expenses, have...

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