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The Valley Winery Essay

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The Valley Winery Case Study Answers

1. What are the problems facing Pat Waller? - Waller is trying to combat a number of different issues. Firstly, he must find a way to decrease the unusual amount of turnover. Secondly, although sales increased over the last several years, Waller knew that eventually these profits would be eaten into by a more competitive market. Therefore, not only did he need to find a sufficient answer to the turnover problems Valley Winery was having but he also needed to cut costs, especially with the hiring department. Thirdly, sales reps either have virtually no respect for their district manager’s (“Although district managers are often considered to be no more than baby sitters for new sales ...view middle of the document...

There also seems to be a number of loops or steps the job candidate has to go through before being given the job. This process seems to be eating into the companies’ profits. The overall rumors about the aggressive

approach Valley Winery sales reps seem to be true based on the actions and steps these sales reps have to take in order to keep their job.

3. What steps should Waller take to resolve his problems? - Waller needs to change the entire sales culture at Valley Winery from top to bottom. One may ask why if sales are increasing why this is so? The answer to this is, as Waller realized from the very first day, eventually the numbers will not be there to justify the toxic environment that currently exists. He needs to instill a sense of longevity for sales reps. The longer sales reps are employed the longer they develop rapport with their customers which is crucial to all sales results. This will also decrease the amount of money being spent on new hires and wasted time being used to retrain new employees. Another way Pat can change the culture is by putting less pressure on his sales reps. District Managers do not need to call their sales reps at 10:30 at night for anything, barring an emergency. Quota numbers also need to come down and be more realistic. Overall, if the culture and attitude changes from within the company, than the customers from outside the company will see that change and will be more willing to do business with Valley Winery for the longterm. The unethical practices and unwanted aggressiveness will go away making business with Valley Winery more pleasureable.

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