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The Uses Of Simulation In The Military

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The Uses of Simulation in the Military
Week 1, Research Paper

Simulation has been a part of the military for almost as long as war has been around. However the types of simulations that we use today are a modern invention. Generals have been creating and testing strategies in simulation for a long time. Today we have the technology to create virtual representations of a battle zones stocked with geographical landscapes, both hostile and non-hostile NPCs (non-playable characters) and controllable entities acting as the various soldiers and vehicles. Simulation is a great and a necessary tool for training your soldiers and winning the war, the most important of these simulations are ...view middle of the document...

The game was changed to make a team of players work together, increasing their abilities in coordination and decision making (Carrie McLeroy, 2008). Taking the abstract and virtual wargames into a physical setting introduces field exercises.
As with many things actually doing something is better experience than playing a game or talking about doing it. The military is no exception. Unlike other types of simulations field training exercises are expensive and take much more time to set up. These can be set up using a few personal or many. In May 1999 a field exercise was created called Mega Gold (Pike, 2011). This was one of the largest field exercises having more than 12,000 soldiers (Pike, 2011). This battleground was created to make the soldiers face many different obstacles such as civilians, ambushes, good and bad reconnaissance and bad weather, all while trying to fight a team verse team battle (Pike, 2011). This type of simulation is an important part of the military because this sort of situation is the closest thing to war as they can train with. However in some situations in the military it is best not to start with this type of exercise.
Flying an airplane or jet is not something to take lightly. There are many things that could go wrong with you are in the air, especially when you are working for the military. When the First World War came along the need for pilots was increased drastically. Before the invention of the different flight simulators to learn how to fly an airplane a pilot would have to learn from another pilot ( Roberson Museum and Science center, 2000). The Link trainer was one of the first flight simulators, but it did not get much use until World War 2 ( Roberson Museum and Science center, 2000). In World War 2 the link trainer was used to train over 500,000 pilots ( Roberson Museum and Science center, 2000). The Trainer used a system of bellows that would inflate and deflate and a motor to spin allowing the trainer to move around simulating some of the movement of flight, allowing the user to get used to moving and using the different instruments ( Roberson Museum and Science center, 2000). Since then,...

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