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The Use Of Narratives And Its Effect On Stories

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The Use of Narratives and Its Effect on Stories

The use of narrative view are important for an author. It determines how the reader interpret the story and ultimately understanding the theme. In the work of “Hills Like White Elephant” Ernest Hemingway uses third person objective point of view to present the conflict of a young couple over the difficult decision of whether to have an abortion. In comparison to Hemingway’s work, “Great Falls” by Richard Ford, tells the story of the breakdown of the parents’ relation through the eyes of the protagonist Jackie. The authors of the two short stories use these different points of view, to allow the reader understand the overall themes of the ...view middle of the document...

The train station has “no shade and no trees”. Also the hill is long and “white” (Hemingway, 661-662). The description of the setting suggests the couple’s journey together is bland, empty and the lack of vagueness. Opposite to the station, Jig walks across the “fields of grain and tree along the banks of the Ebro” (Hemingway 663). The setting on the other side of the station, gives the reader a vivid image of life, something that Jig desires. The conversation between the couple quickly escalates into a heated debate like the “dry side of the valley” (Hemingway 664). Instead of directly revealing that conflict is about abortion, Hemingway lets the reader interpret the intended “operation” through the setting and the tones of speech from the character. Furthermore, through the third person narrative, Hemingway establishes the theme of coming of age and valuing of life.
       While Hemingway slowly lets the reader in through an indirect presentation of the issues and their struggle. On the other hand, Ford, by using first person narrative, presents to the reader the voice of a man going back in time to talk about his past. The setting of the story, as described by Jackie, is a “flat, treeless bench land” (Ford, 564), suggesting the isolation and hopelessness Jackie...

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