The Use Of Internet Creates Adverse Influence On Teenagers

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The Use of Internet Creates Adverse Influence on Teenagers

Tabassum Akhter
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The Use of Internet Creates Adverse Influence on Teenagers

On Christmas Day, 1990, in a lab at Cern in Geneva, Switzerland, Tim Berners-Lee finished building the tools to create the World Wide Web (Krotoski, 2010). Twenty years ago, this act of releasing the technology for free had been a revolution. Twenty years later, this snowballing age cyber age – with Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Google and a maze of other electronic avenues – has engulfed the lives of ...view middle of the document...

com’, ‘’ and ‘Pearson book store’ all of which aims at making experience of education interesting, captivating and organized for the teenagers. However, this breakthrough in proficient and grassroots communication is merely one face of the profound cyber metamorphosis that is altering people’s existence. On regards to the growing concern over cyber age’s impact on teenagers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that estimates as many as 50,000 pedophiles are online at any onetime, and suggests that one in 10 children has met a stranger on the internet, a quarter have received a pornographic junk mail, and a third have been subjected to unwanted sexual comments (The Daily Telegraph, 2006). This clearly reflects the danger to which the teenagers are exposed by being constantly in touch with the Internet, the most common result of which is addiction, where the teenagers may spend hours after hours surfing the Internet which otherwise might have been allocated for their precious studies. Hence, this generation of addiction hinders teenager’s studies, as well as marks down their efficiency and productivity. This has been supported by Reed (1999) who says that media violence has a stronger effect on children because they lack the real life experiences to judge whether something they see on the screen is realistic.

The Internet has been claimed to be a vehicle for youth to express themselves. The availability of services like blogging and the rise in the number of online-based shops might allow the teenagers to identify and refine their potentials. Historical incidents nowadays also take place due to this possibility of youths to express their views, examples of which the toppling of dictators in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere. The same method of Internet mobilization also rallied multitudes of American protestors for the Occupy Wall Street movements (Charleston Gazette, 2012). It is that expression of views enables the teenagers to boost up their confidence level; however, these same expressional views, when being targeted of cyber bullying, can greatly distort the inner strength of the juvenile. Cyber bullying is a fear when a person receives threats, negative comments, or negative pictures from other person, (Sharma, 2011). It has started to become a dangerous trend in the society, with a age group below eighteen being a more susceptible target. Traditionally, the “bullying” was merely limited to a certain group, however this explosion in the use of Internet broadens the group of bullies. On a research carried out by a Kowalski and Limber (2007), 11% of the interviewed students where victims of cyber bullying and 4% were bullies. This rising trend not only creates mental disturbance among the teenagers but has also extended its impact to some of its victims even committing suicides. The seriousness of this adverse effect of Internet using cannot be over stared and needs careful precautions from parent.


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