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The Use Of Ict In Science Lessons

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Critically evaluate the use of ICT in science
Pupils are now required to have ICT lessons where they can build their knowledge of ICT and its uses; there is also a statutory requirement for pupils to use ICT in every subject at school. My placement has been at Deyes High School. The school has, this year, introduced a btec course in science. Through spending time in the science btec lessons I have noticed that a big proportion of the lessons are spent with the pupils using laptops to research and produce work. The use of pupils using laptops is also common across the years for all science lessons. The teachers also use ICT in their lessons for a wide number of uses, such as power point, ...view middle of the document...

  This is a disadvantage to the software as it should be used to help improve learning. It could mean the use of ICT could be more beneficial to different levels of learner, so it would be up to the teacher to decide whether the use of technology is necessary and beneficial to the lesson.
O’Shea et al., (1993) focused on aspects of pupils’ misunderstanding of science concepts, whilst using the simulation software, the evidence they found did not lead to a definite conclusion with misunderstandings being high with and without the software. This could suggest ICT has no benefit to improving learning and also that there are some other factors other then the ICT that needs to be changed to reduce misconceptions, such as teacher testing understanding regular.
The second benefit, the national curriculum (2010) say’s, of using ICT in science is that it ‘improves pupils' presentation of information, allowing them to demonstrate their understanding of science.’ This could be, for example, using graphs, pictures, creating a science poster, giving a presentation or creating a mind maps.

The way in which ICT is used in science education can be divided into areas: data handling, communication and exploration showing ICT can have positive effects for the teaching and learning of science. Current research however shows that even where technology is available, it is often underused and that there are too many obstacles in the way. Currently, the effective use of ICT in science seems to be conducted by a minority of teachers who are willing and enthusiastic to use what is available (Osborne & Hennessy, 2003).
A teacher can use tool applications in several different ways, for example preparing assignments, tests and other resources that are used for teaching and supporting learning. Pupils can use these applications for things such as presentations, homework, ideas and also they can use spreadsheets for analysing data and presenting data in different forms.
ICT helps pupils learn in science by giving access to information and ways to measure and analyze variables. ICT can provide quicker and more accurate data collection, saving lesson time and giving better quality results (Osborne and Hennessy, 2003), Methods of investigation are increased and the collation of data is made easier when conducting experiments. For example in a physics experiment looking at acceleration of a trolley down a ramp Data loggers can be used. These record and store measurements electronically, collect data more quickly and accurately, improving the quality and quantity of results as the reduction in error is removed (Newton, 2000). They can also help produce a table of results and a graph. The production of a graph straight away allows for pupils to relate the data to the experiment straight away, without the delay of having to produce the graph through traditional methods, to allow for a greater understanding of the data (Barton, 1997). The production of a real time...

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