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The Use Of E Commerce In Today's Business

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Today’s global business market is changing it economics and structure very quickly. Some companies are coming some bankrupts, but it is very difficult to compete with large international companies. With internet came a lot of innovations for business. Today big part of market are using e-business to broad their companies, so for the new one is very difficult to compete with them and they need to find smart ways to get on the global market.
For the new company on the global business market is a very good step for next level of competitiveness to make a website. Nice and simple designed website with correctly structured information and few nice pictures on it could attract more interest of ...view middle of the document...

Many companies prefer to put some database onto servers for their staff. Usually it is used within universities, so students could be easily updated for the latest information about changes in their timetable or to view grades online. As well companies could upload frequently used documents, blanks or forms to protected server, so their employees could download it easily.
E-business gives a lot of ways to improve your business. Open 24/7 customer services, so unsatisfied customers could get help from specialists at any time. Also internet allows you to be easily connected with your customers and sent them new offers, advertising or simple e-cards with compliments. All this will attract customers and dispose them to your company. Starting to do your job threw the internet also could reduce some operational costs. In case if you need to make a lot of telephone conversations you could start using internet telephone system such as Skype. It will definitely decrease your expenses on landline telephone bills.
This e-business functions which are above is just a little part of what e-business could do. To be a competitive advantage on today’s global business market is a very difficult task. Business should be well structured and planed for its expansion. To compete on the global market company should be well focused on the globalization. Company can easily trade electronically with customers and suppliers all over the world. Globalization is ‘the increase of international trading and shared social and cultural values’. There are a lot of advantages, but first of all it is a very big responsibility. It is very important to be aware of foreign marketing and cultural environment to assess all advantages working in that area. Also you need to be sure that order taking and customer service is working 24 hours a day to avoid confusion with the different time zones. Each country should be easily able to contact with you. As well...

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