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The Usage Of Curriculum Guides For Seniors”

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Project Paper:
“The Usage of Curriculum
Guides for Seniors”

Wanda Jackson
Oct. 22, 2008

The purpose of this paper is to enlighten individuals on China regarding dynasties, unification, leadership, political philosophies, government structure and international relationships. The country has an extensive history. China also has many customs we would consider to be unacceptable. Come with me and let’s explore the up and coming global power.
There were many dynasties that have ruled China since 2033BC. Xia dynasty is one that people did not want to admit it existed. Xia ended with its leader ...view middle of the document...

Man, I am beginning to wonder if the poor Chinese people are going to get a break.
The Tang dynasty ruled from AD 618 to 907. The Tang period was one of art and literature. Domestic economic instability and military defeat in 751 by Arabs at Talas, in Central Asia, marked the beginning of centuries of steady military decline for the Chinese empire ( Following the Tang dynasty there were the Later Jin, Later Han and Later Zhou dynasties.
China’s government today is a socialist, pig headed, organization. The mainland of China, Red China is ruled by the People’s Republic of China( Everything thing and everyone is controlled by the government. Really, it is kind of sad that we as Americans take our freedom for granted enlightened by other’s plight to be free.
There was a period of 399 years from AD220 – 618 that China was not unified ( China was unified in 221 BC under the Ch’in dynasty. Many items were standardized such as money, weights, and measures ( Ch’enga had books burned, teachers were executed, and Confucianism was outlawed. Ch’in ruthlessness was unbelievable. When the emperor died, his most powerful administrators, Li Ssu and Chao Kao took over the government ( The political philosophy that seems to be standard with dynasties is either you are for or against me.
Formosa, commonly known as Taiwan wanted independence from the harsher rule of the Communist Party. In 1912, they started to separate; it was founded in 1949. Following the Chinese Cold War, Taiwan was formed. Taiwan is a multi-party democratic state as compared to the communist side of Red China. The Republic of China (which administers Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China (which administers mainland China) do not officially recognize each other’s sovereignty ( Taiwan was a better trading partner back in day compared to mainland China. When Red China was threatening a hostile military takeover, the US sent forces over there to contend with the mainland army. We supported Taiwan against Red China by providing weapons, funds, and ops. The United States of America is presently on thin ice with Red China. Basically, they threatened to revoke trade relations if we continue to help Taiwan. In 1998, the US military had the biggest naval showing since WWII. We pulled out the big guns, and they backed off. The USA is really stuck between a rock and a hard place because both are facilitating our needs.
The government structure of the People’s Republic of China is that it is socialist. All office is held by officers appointed by the czar. Taiwan has a democratic process by which a leader is elected. Most of the governmental offices are under citizens’ rule as opposed to government rule in Red China. The Chinese political policy is that they are in charge and not...

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