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The Upside Essay

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1 Essay Glenna Belford
Professor Rosenkranz
English 1302
28 February 2016

“The Upside-Down World of Mental Health”
“In Amy’s Bloom’s short story “Silver Water,” the story was published in 1991. Bloom was interested in writing, but she continued to work a psychotherapist. She uses stones mainly from her own life, family, and some friends. That’s why she is so familiar about the topic first hand, because her hands on experience. Have you or ever experienced mental health issues, or maybe someone you love has? It is one of the most heartbreaking experiences to ever have to go through, and just stand there helpless and powerless. “Silver Water” is a ...view middle of the document...

The three most important terms in shaping “Silver Water”, are First-person point of view, tone, and internal conflict. Through Violet’s eyes, the audience can experience all Rose’s sadness, beautiful voice, and her pain. Also it shows you first-hand the trials and tribulations, of having a sibling who has a mental illness. The cons on missing out on doing just regular everyday sibling activities, but still showing her unconditional love regardless. Violet loves her sister voice she said, “My sister’s voice was like mountain water in a silver pitcher; the clear blue beauty of it cools you and lifts you up beyond your body” (1). The tone is important because it is very sad, realistic, and sometimes humorous. Rosie is a normal teen who has an extremely loving family, but loses her mind out of nowhere. The tone is gloomy, because no matter what her parents did, she still met an early demise. The final term but very important is Rose’s internal conflict. Rose is struggling on a day to day basis, dealing with major mental issues internally. Along her journey of visiting countless therapists she disliked, she finally came across one she really liked a lot. Rose is doing awesome with her new therapist Dr. Thorne, because he genuinely cares and treats her like a normal person. In return, she began singing at the church nearby, and lost a whopping fifty pounds! Lately, internally she is at peace and in a happy place, because Dr. Thorne touched something deep inside of her. His love and compassion toward her on a professional aspect, gave her a will to keep living. The only problem with that is some years later he died, and Rose lost her own fight internally to continue to live.
Mental illness can destroy a family, unite a family, or in some instances maybe do both. Even though Rose family is stressed out by her mental illness, they would sometimes laugh at her antics around new therapist. For instance, when they met one therapist Mr. Walker. Rose did her usual breast massage, because this was her normal introduction to a new therapist. The family all begin to laugh loudly and Mr. Walker said,” I wonder why it is that everyone is so entertained by Rose behaving inappropriately” (3). The family love Rose more than life itself, but they just wish that people see her as a talented young lady and not a psychopath. When Mr. Whitaker asked Violet,” What do you think of Rose’s...

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