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The United States In An Age Of Globalization Democracy And The World

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The definition of democracy as stated in Webster's dictionary "Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives", this is the type of government implemented in the United States of America. Democracy is considered the supreme form of government, which is promoted throughout the world. On the contrary, there are many countries that are not ruled by a democracy. This causes the United States to promote democracy around the world. In Michael McFaul's article "Democracy Promotion as a World Value" he says that democracy has become universal and international. Democracy has become embraced and promoted by a number of countries not just the United States. In ...view middle of the document...

The people, usually peasants worked on state owned farms and given the bare minimum to survive. This was the beginning of the downfall of communism. Even though it took well over fifty years, some type of democracy was restored to the Russian republic.This "somewhat democracy" is a big problem. The newly freed countries face problems that inhibit their democratization. Non- democratic forces are able to "lie low" or be hidden during the start of political modification (Carothers 412). The democratic government is wearing a metaphoric mask, we do not get to see the real government, because it is hidden. Much can be said about Vladimir Putin, the current president of the Russian Federation. Putin has systematically taken over every major establishment, the media, and the political parties, among many other things. He stripped them of their independence (Carothers 413). Putin initiated a plan that would replace the elections of regional governors by the people to a system where the prospective governors would be proposed by the President and approved or disapproved by regional legislatures. This measure was seen as an attempt by the President to consolidate power. This is "textbook case of de-democratization that will be studied, by both political scientists and would-be autocrats for years to come" (Carothers 413).Instead of liberating a country from a so-called "evil" government, the United States along with other pro-democratic countries should prolong their stay and keep insurgency and other political uprisings down. The countries should stay until they are sure for a fact that democracy will prevail and all non- democratic forces are wiped out. This is especially true in a country like Haiti, which has faced many rebellions, occupations and dictatorships. Poor countries like Haiti, parts of Central and South America, parts of Europe and South Asia cannot provide "better lives for their citizens socially or economically" (Carothers 414). Citizens of new democracies are disappointed in what democracy has brought them. These citizens face "higher prices for basic goods, increased threat of unemployment and stagnant incomes" (Carothers 413). Countries are at a risk of political instability although they want democracy, it is during these times of crisis that democracy will fail and dictatorships or other anti- democratic organizations will prevail.When a country such as the United States attempts to promote democracy in non- democratic nations, it causes people to think that the United States has some underlying cause to act this way. This is an argument that is used against the +American version of democracy. The war on Iraq was started because the United States felt the need to endorse democracy and end the threat of Saddam Hussein. Some believe that since the Iraqi government was free of Western control that could endanger American availability to oil. Some say that the "war on terrorism has hurt...

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