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The United States And The Fall Of Rome A Looking Similar

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The United States and The Fall of Rome a Looking Similar

Rome had many downfalls to lead towards its demise like political corruption, military spending and greed. You would think those things don’t exist in the great nation of the United States, but if you thought that then you are clearly ignorant. There are plenty of similarities between the downfall of Rome and the United States, which are economic instability, spreading the military too thin and inflation.
The Decline of Rome was due to numerous items such as economic instability, taxation, military dissipation and political corruption. During the years of the downfall Rome began to rely on imports from other countries such as Egypt. Rome imported more then they exported ...view middle of the document...

With the military spread to thin, sickness and zero surplus of food the nation crumbled. Without a military to defend them Rome would easily be invaded and dismissed as a civilization.
Though the United States may not be the Fall of Rome, both civilizations had copious things in common. Such as economic instability and being in so much debt that there might as well be no taxes because we aren’t paying it back. The corruption in politics is revolting and disgusting. What drives the corruption in politics is greed. Whether is fame or fortune someone always wines up getting hurt. The overabundances of taxes are what I believe really killed Rome, and you can begin to see it in the United States. There might not be religious freedom in Rome due to Caesar, it in the U.S. and that is one problem we don’t have to worry about. I will say that spreading the military to thin is what ultimately destroyed Rome. As you can see in the United States our military is probably in almost every country, and if someone decided to have an outbreak in war, where would all the soldiers be?
I will say that we do not have a ruler like Caesar to lead us to our demise because we have an elected democratic President, who is voted in every four years. We do not have religious controversy meaning we are allowed to celebrate what you believe in but to an extent of the law, which is still very grey today. If an invasion were attempt to happen I believe the American people would rally together, soldier or not and fight the good fight.
In conclusion I believe there are many similarities and differences between the Fall of Rome and the United States. I don’t believe we will to succumb to the fall of the Romans but I do believe the two civilizations are surprisingly similar.

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