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The United Kingdom Of Great Britain

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The definition of education guiding mainstream schools today is that education is the delivery of knowledge, skills, and information from teachers to students. While the above metaphor—education as a delivery system—sounds reasonable, it misses what is most important about education.
This mistaken idea of what true education is and how it can be achieved is the root problem in mainstream education today.

School is the president of the family partner in the education of their children is the most capable of achieving the goal of integration and positive cooperation in the education of individuals with its ...view middle of the document...

This atmosphere also helps the child for learning and developing health habits.
In the older days the family was the centre of professional education. Parents and brothers were helping the child to learn the basic knowledge and skills required for adopting the traditional vocations. It was the centre of moral education.
Children were learning the ethical principles like truth, nonviolence, good conduct and so on in action or in reality from their superiors. The family was also imparting religious education to the child and organizing different ceremonies which were sources of education.
Now the family has disintegrated and the system of joint family-life has broken down. Due to technological advancement, families are no longer the centers of professional education. The functions of religious or moral education are not properly done by the family. The external environment and mass media are having their powerful impact on children now-a-days. Urbanization has its bad effects on the behavior of individuals.
In face of all these limitations and difficulties, the role of the family cannot be underestimated. In the small families children are born and brought up and must be influenced by the other members of the family. The spirit of love and affection, sympathy and understanding in the family facilitates educational or learning process or the child. The family must provide the basic tools or elementary knowledge for education.
The good qualities of heart, head and hand are better imbibed through interaction in the family than in anywhere else. Group living begins and flourishes in the family and...

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