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The United Kingdom Essay

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The United Kingdom

Tables of Content

1. The United Kingdom’s Background

2. Culture of the United Kingdom

3. Language, social class, sports, stereotypes, doing business in the UK

4. 5 Main tourist destinations

5. Recent News

6. Economy of the United Kingdom (vs. the United States)

7. Politics and Business in the United Kingdom

8. Membership to World Trade Organization

9. Free Trade Agreements with the United States

10. Business Indicators and Country Rank

11. Problems and Corruption in the United Kingdom

12. Important Companies in the United Kingdom

13. References & Bibliography

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o Dover, Felixstone, Immingham, Liverpool, London, Southampton, Teesport, Forth Ports, and Milford Haven are some of its main cities.

o The UK has 460 airports, the most notable of which are: Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, Belfast International Airport, Birmingham National Airport, Manchester National Airport, Cardiff International Airport.

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Culture of the United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is made up of numerous countries, because of this, the culture there isn’t all the same, it varies vastly depending on where you are. Each country (between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) has its own traditions, beliefs, etiquette, lifestyle, and etc.

Language: The two main languages in the United Kingdom are English and Welsh. Welsh would be the native language in Wales, while most of the other countries in the United Kingdom speak English.

Social Class: Though there are many types of governments, England is a constitutional monarchy. In England, there are still distinct differences in social class. Usually people from wealthy, well-known families go to better school and usually have better education which ties into their work and lifestyle. In some cases, people can tell where you come from and what social class you are in based on your accent, manners, and etiquette ( This would be similar to the US in how you can distinguish someone from the north versus someone from the south. The same can be said for the United Kingdom when it comes to the accents that they portray

Sports: Like the many other countries out there, sports is a huge part of any culture and in the United Kingdom, the people love their sports. The national sport in the United Kingdom is cricket. Although cricket maybe their national sport, they also have a huge fan base in their football (soccer), rugby, and Polo.

Stereotypes: Like many countries out there, the United Kingdom is just one of the countries that have copious stereotypes among those who live there. In England, they are known for their “tea drinking“ (Geka, A). This is probably one of the most well-known stereotypes about British people. Although it may be true for most of the population, not everyone in the UK drinks tea. Another well-known stereotype would be that Irish people are drunks. The Irish, much like us Wisconsinites, do fancy a good beer, but this shouldn’t imply that that they’re “drunks”.
Business in the...

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