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The Understthe Understanding Behind Behaviorismanding Behind Behaviorism

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Behaviorism is associated with many scientists in the past and our current society
today. Behaviorism is a learning theory based on the thought that all behavior attain
when conditioned is considered behaviorism. Also, behaviorism is the scientific study
of observable behavior. Behaviorism is more interested with behavior than with
feeling or knowing. The main focus is the objective and observable components of
behavior. The behaviorist theories all share some version of stimulus-response
mechanisms for learning. Behaviorism originated with the work of John B. Watson,
an American psychologist. Watson held the view that psychology should only
concern itself with the study of ...view middle of the document...

Pav developed the theory classical conditioning which was his experiment of dogs.
He believed in the components of conditioned stimuli, unconditioned stimuli,
conditioned responses, and unconditioned responses.
Skinner (1948) studied opereant conditioning by conducting experiments using
animals which he placed in a ‘ Skinner Box’ which was similar to Throrndikes puzzle
box. He identified three types of responses which are neutral operant, reinforcers, and
Pavlov showed the existence of the unconditioned responses by presenting a dog a
bowl of food. Then he measured its salivary secretions. He discovered that any
object or event which the dog was associate with food would have the exact same
response.He later discovered that the dog leaned to associate food in the lab and the
dog behavior type could be a result of learning.
According to, ( Classic

conditioning occurs when a natural reflex responds to a stimulus. An example of

classical conditioning in the educational environment is in situations where students

exhibit irrational fears and anxieties like fear of failure, fear of public speaking and

general school phobia.
Behavioral or operant conditioning occurs when a response to a stimulus is
reinforced. Basically, operant conditioning is a simple feedback system: If a reward
or reinforcement follows the response to a stimulus, then the response becomes more
probable in the future. For example, leading behaviorist B.F. Skinner...

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