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The Underdogs Essay

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Demetrio Macias', Hope for the Commoners In The Underdogs written by Mariano Azuela, we are introduced to a character that strongly symbolizes the fuel of the Mexican Revolution. Heroes like Demetrio Macias brought the Serrano's hope of giving them what they felt they truly deserved. Although Demetrio Macias, the general (colonel) of a rebel army is hunting down the army of Pancho Villa, he seems to have the same ideals as the enemy. In addition to Demetrio Macias, we meet women like Camilla and War Paint who represent the different roles that women played during the Mexican Revolution.The character of Demetrio Macias proves to be quite ironic. One facet of his character reveals his ...view middle of the document...

The people that Demetrio represent are evident in the people that comprise his army, as well as the rare souls like Luis Cervantes. Cervantes, man who was well off to begin with, but later lost his fortune to the government. He quotes "Before the revolution, I had my land all plowed, see, and just right for sowing, and if it hadn't been for a little quarrel with Don Macio, the boss of my town, Moyahua, I'd be there in a jiffy getting the oxen ready for the sowing, see?" (pg. 48) Luis Cervantes explains his cause when he says "The triumph of our cause, which is the sublime triumph of Justice, because our ideal-to be free the noble, long suffering people of Mexico-is about to be realized and because those men who have watered the earth with their blood and tears will reap the harvest which is rightfully theirs." (pg. 69) With respect to the degradation of women in The Underdogs, we must profile the two women portrayed in the book. On one hand we have the conservative Camilla, and on the other, we have War Paint. War Paint was the opposite of what society held as the typical woman. War Paint went against the grain, and partook in events which professor Tinsman explained was common for women in the army to do in those days. She drank, swore, and had many lovers like a man. Professor Tinsman also explained the traditional roles that women held in society. Camilla is a great example of the way women acted during...

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