The Unconditional Bond Of Family Essay

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The Unconditional Bond of Family
Dense metropolitan areas were rapidly colonizing as 1950s America exemplified a prolonged and radical cultural transformation necessary for all to enjoy prosperity. America upheld the impression of hope for centuries; yet not all the inhabitants of land of the free cooperatively supported equal rights. The mere confidence in holding on to a dream became difficult for individuals, as well as families, as unremitting rejection from society left many in poverty. Subordination of minorities in American generated a strenuous struggle by both African-Americans and numerous white Americans advocates who endorse the termination of racism and encourage ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, unconditional love binds this family together incessantly. Regardless of difference in dreams, each person possesses the hope that a revolution is before them; hope that a worthy life is ahead of them. Though independently they appear to be unstable to suffer the agony of rejection from not only society but their family; together they get they always have someone there for them. However if someone loses both society and family, what does one have left to be afraid of?
Untraditional actions in A Raisin in the Sun give the impression of commonality in the Younger’s household. In this family’s unfortunate situation they reside in an uncomfortable, tiny, two bedroom apartment with five occupants in the south side of Chicago. Although appearing to be unconventional, each family member resembles something unique. Mama (Lena) exudes confidence because she knows it was not what her ancestors had done that made her life difficult but what her generation and younger generations have not yet accomplished. Mama is traditional in speech yet an astonishing revolution for a woman. A household was once a man’s territory to oversee; now a home could be for a woman to resourcefully sustain as well. Even though Mama believes she is traditional, her actual life represents something different. She is independently in charge of providing wisdom to all who are around her in addition to managing the family. Head-strong and intelligent as Mama is, she did not grasp the concept that her daughter Beneatha was attempting to embrace life, an American dream. Beneatha lead a swiftly changing day to day lifestyle did so by not looking too far ahead or backwards while in pursuit of her dream regardless of influencers. Neither did Mama’s son Walter during his quest to invest in a profitable liquor store with a “friend”.
The movement away from the values of what the Younger’s lineage use to abide to is unsettling with Mama as her offspring mature. Change was not simple for Mama since she meticulously hung onto insecurities of her past. Author Yomna Saber explores the difference between assimilation and immigration in Hansberry’s play asserting the fact Mama has a barricade to overcome, “Having escaped the South only to live the Chicagoan ghettoes, she clings to the idea of a decent house and the salvation promised by religion. She finds her children’s dreams hard to comprehend” (Saber 485). Unable to move on from what is in her past Mama continues to believe in a future. Nevertheless she clasps on too tightly to what she thinks is attainable forever; a traditional cohesive family who believe in God and ownership of a firm piece of land. Over time Mama remains uncertain how to communicate with her children who were not only reared by her “traditional” ways but in a period of optimism for individuality. She conflicts with the American culture and the dreams of her children yet she is a huge asset to the binding of the family. Mama brings everyone together...

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