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The Ultimate Collection By George Gershwin

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The Ultimate Collection by George Gershwin

George Gershwin's "The ultimate collection", is a compilation of Gershwin's greatest hits. The compilation is made out of two CD's; the first cd is Gershwins pieces sung by different jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and more… The second cd, is Gerswhin's famous pieces taken from musical shows such as Porgy and Bess, Rhapsody in Blue, Cuban overture, Funny face and more.
First Cd:

The cd starts with the song "Strike up the Band " performed by Oscar Peterson. The piece consists of a piano, cello. This song in my opinion sets the mood of the cd. It ...view middle of the document...

Very mellow song, very enjoyable.
" S' wonderful" performed by Joe William & Count Basie, one of my favorite songs composed by Gerswhin. Use of typical instruments for jazz songs (drums, pianos, trumpets…). This song has a very party mood; it is a very upbeat song. The next couple of songs, are basic love songs/blues songs.

"For you, for me, forever more" performed by Morgan King, in my opinion this song repeats itself from the other love songs, still great performance by Morgan King. "Who Care's" the title for the song speaks for itself, im getting slowly disappointed of the first cd, the songs basically repeat themselves, same themes (mostly about love), same kind of instruments used in each song.
"They All laughed" performed by Bing Crosby and Buddy Bergman, great song, very enjoyable and upbeat tune. This song is short but very good. Orchestral work done very well. This Cd ends with "Embreaceble you" performed by Ella Fitzgerald, i feel very neutral towards this song, it basically concludes the first cd in a good way. In conclusion for the first cd, i really enjoyed the first parts, the upbeat tunes, and the "jazzy" songs, i was just disappointed in the second half; for the reason that it was very repetitive.


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