The U.S. And The Middle Eastern

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Discuss the possible reasons that the United States has become the "Great Satan" in many Middle Eastern countries. Are there valid reasons for looking negatively on the United States? If so, how strong are these reasons? What should the U.S. do about it?

The United States has become the “Great Satan” for a few reasons. One major reason is the Islamic religion belief; Islam is the predominant religion in the Middle East. The value of Islamic is very conservative. Islam religion had become effective in political power, national identity and economic prosperity. After WWII, U.S become powerful and strongest country in the world, The U.S. seemed greedy interested in oil resource and a making a profit rather than respecting the values of the Islamic culture. Middle Eastern countries were toward antagonism to the United Sates that has become the “Great Satan”. The U.S has shown the good will ...view middle of the document...

If you had been President, what would you have done?
This video showed me understanding of the relationship between the U.S., France, Britain, Egypt and Israel. Suez Crisis is importance because it demonstrated how U.S. had influenced in all the nations involved. There was still some Soviet Union influence in Egypt. The pressure of Soviet Union and U.S, Great Britain and France leave the canal. France began working their own nuclear program because they realized that they could not trust their allies. I feel that U.S was justified in convincing the British to leave. It is hard to think about making decision, but if I were President I would have taken the same decision. I would focus on my country situation first, such as election, national security.

There have been massive changes in the Middle East since I wrote this module. I have recently updated it, but am curious as to your thoughts on the changes that have occurred in this "Arab Spring"? What are the positives and hopeful aspects of these changes? What do you think are the things that may be negatives or problems that arise out of these changes? Obviously you are all speculating, as even the pundits are doing now, because very few people anticipated the changes that have occurred (just as very few people anticipated the end of the Soviet Union). However, try to use this as a critical thinking question, you have just read about the Middle East, you have seen a movie and have a much stronger background of historical perspective than when you started this class, so use what you know and try to come up with a reasoned (not just opinion) response.
The Arab Spring has the some positive changes. The Arab Spring focus on freedom and democracy counters tendencies toward political violence. Democracy emerged in Egypt and regime changed, it allowed countries to become more democracy and it could result in better trade and financial aid from the U.S. However, negative problems are that violent protests that happened in several Middle Eastern nations result in harmful riots, and death of innocent people.

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