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The True Nature Of Abortion Essay

1968 words - 8 pages

Bernardo Pegas
Dr. Octavio Quintanilla
English 1313
21 November 2013

Abortion is more than you think
To be able to understand abortion you must first understand, as Dr. Renate Jost said, the “genesis of life.” If the fetus is a person, then abortion is murder. If the fetus is not a person it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have moral standings. Being pregnant means having a life growing inside, even if the fetus is a person or not, whether the state takes position or not. The empirical process ADI is the Direct Approach to the Unconscious and was developed by a Brazilian doctor called Renate Jost. The ADI enables the patient visualize in an intuitive level the moment of conception. ...view middle of the document...

The “Personal-Self” is knowledgeable of what is going on with his parents in terms of being, action, thoughts and feelings. Austin Cline says in his article about ethics of abortion that even if the fetus is a person, abortion may justify as necessary to women’s bodily autonomy. People have some ethical claim to personal, bodily autonomy must be regarded as fundamental to the conception of any ethical, democracy and free society. But I ask if abortion is murder how that could be consider a right and ethical? Abortion is always murder. According to Jost, with the ADI process we can state with security that in the zygote is already present a human being alive and complete. When adult, is possible in unconscious level, remember the minimum details of the life in the womb. The child is already person that perceives, think and judge since the moment of conception. The child existing since the moment of conception, the age of the child will not justify it if abortion is criminal or not. What is worse is that the unborn child perceives everything and suffers deeply when parents want to abort it. When an adult is subjected to the treatment that leads to the past, including the moment of conception, it is known the immense pain that children suffer when realize that her parents want to abort it. Sons which parents thought in abortion, tend to have serious problems, tend to be closed, and easily enter into chemical dependency groups or groups of violence. Many people argue saying “Why should women carry the pregnancy to the end when the baby was generated by rape?” Well, this is a delicate case that brings a lot of suffering to women all over the world. But in case of rape, killing the baby makes the mother move from victim to criminal. You don’t mend a crime doing another, further killing someone who has no guilty of been generated. The woman will not erase the marks that suffered, on the contrary, beyond the trauma of having been raped; have the trauma of having killed her son. And it does not have to do with beliefs, is a human feeling. The ADI process reveals the existence of an immortal humanistic dimension. The process shows us a continuity of the human being life that is not physical. Therefore the child that died because of the abortion continues to live in the “Personal-Self” level and it shows repetitively that the child in this non-physical life, keeps the sorrow of not being loved and not have had the right to live. These feelings pass through generations projecting in descendants, in many ways, especially on the inability to get pregnant by unconscious feeling of guilt. All that was told on this essay till now, even with the 91 000 cases treated, is hard to understand and believe it, because goes beyond our knowledge and beyond the material world. It only can be understood for completely if we submit to the process, where you can feel it all that was told and not only read it. But since 1970 a new science...

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