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The Trophy Case Essay

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The Trophy Project
Already mentioned by the first sentence in the case study, this was an "ill fated" project. Upon reading the case it is evident that there are multiple issues related to this project. Reichart, a previous assistant project manager was assigned his first, The Trophy Project, project as project manager. From the beginning it seemed that he was in over his head, since they were already over budget and under schedule. Due to his lack of experience as project manager, it seemed that he was not respected among the functional managers. They were taking advantage of his position to charge direct labor time and also taking the advantage to work on their own pet ...view middle of the document...

The WBS would detail the responsibilities of all stakeholder and can also include deliverable and milestones.
There was no evident control of the budget and the allocation of resources. The functional managers were billing direct labor time while not directly contributing to the project. Without having a resource structure in place that handle how projects are charged can open the project up to the loss of resources through malpractice. Staff such as the functional managers realized this loop hole and used it to their advantage. Since the budget resources were at the sole discretion of the managers, this would leave the project manager in a difficult position to have control over the team and leave the resource open to abuse. To mitigate some these budget issues, I would recommend having a cost analysis performed for each area or focus and allocate a financial officer to maintain and distribute budget. With this in place the managers cannot abuse their resource.
Project contained a lack of organization from its conception. The leaders who play an immensely important role in inspiring, motivating, and encouraging their staff was absent. There were no instituted guidelines to follow since everything handled was uncoordinated. Tactical leadership has become crucial in motivating employees, without this leadership,...

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